The Brau people (Kon Tum) held a buffalo stabbing festival to celebrate the new village

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The Brau people held a buffalo stabbing festival to celebrate the new village.

The celebration of the new village lasted 4 days, starting with the Groundbreaking Ceremony. People set up a bamboo tree to worship the gods and cut the chicken’s blood, then stay up all night playing gongs to light the fire, dancing and singing folk songs, folk dance, folk music… The next three days will be festivals of the Brau people with many unique cultural activities. The 5th day will be the day to abstain from the village “no internal exit, no external entry” because the Brau people believe that if outsiders enter the village, they will bring bad luck, conversely, if villagers leave, they will bring the village’s luck away. .

The new village celebration is held with the meaning of praying for the villagers to prosper, next season will be better than the previous season, there will be no epidemics, and the Brau people will grow more crowded. According to the concept of the Brau people, the gods created the universe and humans. In the beliefs of the Brau people, there are mountain gods, river gods, tree gods, and rock gods. The worshiping tree called Sooc rooc is a tree raised over one meter high, with its top split and woven into the shape of a basket facing up to the sky. A small ladder leads up to the basket, where rice tubes, pig liver, chicken eggs, chicken feathers, chicken wings, and chicken feet are placed.

The villagers choose a healthy buffalo, wash it, feed it and then tie it with rattan rope to an eye-catching decorative Gung Pillar, about 5m high. The Gung column is a large, tall, precious wooden tree erected in the yard where the buffalo stabbing festival is held. The column is divided into three parts. The part from the ground is made into a trellis for the village elders to step on to worship. The body of the column is elaborately carved with images of patterns and bright colors tied to five-colored tassels made from bamboo stems. The top part is a symbol of a bird or fish, below hangs a bunch of old bamboo pipes called tuong nuong, which uses the wind to make sounds.

The host recites a prayer to pray or give thanks to the gods and invites the gods to come down to eat buffalo meat and drink can wine. After the leader prays, the gong teams begin to perform. The whole village dances, sings, drinks… The buffalo stabbing ceremony is the most important part of the festival…

The Buffalo Stabbing Festival is a festival to sacrifice to the gods or those who have presided over the establishment of the village, to celebrate victories, to celebrate good harvests or to celebrate other important events. This is one of the traditional festivals of the Central Highlands ethnic groups in Vietnam.

According to the Communist Party of Vietnam

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