Steep road in Gia Lai

The route bypassing the mountain town of Pleiku has steep slopes surrounded by lush green scenery and is a photo spot for many tourists.


The steep road is part of the bypass route from Pleiku City, Gia Lai to Kon Tum, in Ia Pech commune, Ia Grai district. The road stretches about 1 km, with black cassia trees blooming yellow flowers on both sides of the road. Black cassia and yellow cassia are plants commonly seen in the Central Highlands provinces, providing shade and wind protection for tea and coffee gardens.

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This is a photo by author Chu The Dung (Gia Lai). After being shared on social networks, it has received a lot of attention from tourists.

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On this bypass, there are many surrounding poetic landscapes, including the Bau Can tea farm in Chu Prong district.

“Wandering early in the morning, visitors can see workers picking tea leaves on the farm amid a peaceful setting, fresh air and full of bird calls, bringing a refreshing feeling,” Mr. Dung said. know.

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Scene of a vehicle transporting tea leaves after being picked to the Bau Can tea factory.

Bau Can tea hill is one of the places that tourists love to visit when coming to Gia Lai, with vast green tea hills in spring and summer. In the fall and winter, this place is also dotted with yellow cassia trees and wild sunflower clusters.

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In the distance are newly planted rice fields grown in the lowlands, on higher lands people grow coffee.

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The vast coffee garden is in the stage of growing young fruit in Ia Grai district.

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In addition to tea farms, at this time visitors can see fields growing green fruit trees such as jackfruit (pictured), grapefruit or avocado.

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The garden owner is taking care of the coffee tree, with its green fruit clusters heavy with branches. Thanks to its soil characteristics of fertile basalt red soil, Gia Lai has become one of the “coffee capitals” in the Central Highlands.

If tourists want to see the white coffee flower season, they should go during the flower season from December to March of the following year, each period lasting from 7 to 10 days.

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On the bypass section, visitors encounter an intersection, one direction going to Ia Kha town, Ia Grai district and the other direction to Pleiku city. In the photo is Truc Lam Gia Lai Zen Monastery seen from the Da Mountain area, about 6 km from the Pleiku bypass intersection.

Da Mountain is about 830 m high, the top has gentle terrain, can be observed on all four sides, a clear blue lake between the hills and green pine forests stretching to Ia Grai district.

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A couple is enjoying the fresh air in the Da Mountain area. This is a favorite sightseeing and photography destination for many tourists.

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Another steep section on the route bypassing Pleiku City, located in Gao commune, southwest Pleiku, passes through pine and cajuput forests.