Sending souls into rocks – Tourist information

Lying around or hidden somewhere, but when found and cherished, inanimate rocks and pebbles suddenly become unusually beautiful and close. Just like nature and life, soul stones are created by the love people send. With a simple passion, for more than 16 years, Mr. Doan Quoc Son in Group 4, Nguyen Trai Ward, Kon Tum City has been quietly searching and collecting.


October 7, 2014.1%20ttdlEach stone and slab is associated with a place, a land of Kon Tum

Doan Quoc Son’s fate with rock was by chance. That was in 1998, when he took a job at Kon Tum Power Transmission, regularly driving workers to install and check lines on the 500kv Kon Tum – Gia Lai line. Arriving at the gathering place, when the brothers gathered, everyone did their own thing with their expertise, Son had free time to wander around and visit new lands. One time, his endless footsteps along an empty stream in Dak Tre Commune, Kon Ray District brought Son to a small rocky beach located in a remote location. Extremely surprised by the wild beauty of creation, he alone diligently picked up small rocks with lovely and beautiful shapes to take home as souvenirs. The most interesting thing is an ivory-white rough stone with an image of an elderly woman’s face at an angle, with a distant look. Later, Son named it “Vietnamese Mother”. After that memorable time, the driver specializing in remote areas came up with the idea of ​​going to the rocks. So, on every trip, every time, while everyone was focused on their work, Son walked to every corner of the mountains, forests, streams and streams with excitement and hope of finding role models. Pretty…

Suddenly, this year is the 16th year, Doan Quoc Son has become acquainted with this elegant but no less elaborate hobby of “jelly watching”. The small house in Group 4, Nguyen Trai Ward is where he keeps and cherishes hundreds of slabs and stones. When visiting this place, the first feeling is that the airy yard in front of the house has been “arranged” in an impressive and beautiful way with “poetic” shapes, from…stone. The family’s 35 m2 living room is also reserved for displaying… stone. For Son, every stone and pebble is a memory associated with his business trips to each remote area of ​​Kon Tum province, to even new lands of the country.

October 7, 2014.2%20ttdlDoan Quoc Son and the commemorative stone

The rock bearing the images of Lan and Dragon facing each other in the corner of the yard is a memorable memory of Son during a business trip in a deep border area in Bo Y commune (Ngoc Hoi District). Accidentally discovered a part of the stone slab exposed on the ground. Feeling that it was a strange stone, he diligently dug, meticulously keeping the stone slab from being bumped or damaged. It is a driftwood stone slab weighing more than 1.5 quintals, shaped like a Lan with a clear head extending to part of the body. Particularly, the part of Lan’s head touching the Dragon’s head creates a rather strange face-to-face position. More interestingly, this same stone slab, when erected and viewed from behind, bears the shape of the letter S of our beloved country.

Landscape stone players think that “stone has no words” but “words are endless” which is really profound. Admiring Doan Quoc Son’s modest collection of hundreds of artifacts, one can clearly see the simulation and expression on stone of what exists in nature, people and life… Self-proclaimed unprofessional Like the “predecessors” ornamental stone collectors and famous “stone collectors” in the country, but in his small collection, Son also left an impression with rare artifacts, such as driftwood stones. bearing images of Ha Long natural heritage landscape, smooth stones, rough stones bearing images of men and women, portraits of people, images of young women in standing positions, elephants, tigers… As well as hobbyists In this elegance, Son always respects the basic principle of absolutely respecting the naturalness of the stone, preserving the uniqueness while preserving the shape of the found stone. However, sometimes, in order to get the stones and blocks of stone with the desired shape, he also painstakingly scrapes limescale, especially “arranging” it a bit in the decoration space.

October 7, 2014.3%20ttdlThe stones are “arranged”

Passionate about finding, cherishing and preserving, with Doan Quoc Son, first of all, each stone and slab is associated with a place, a land of Kon Tum province, where his footsteps and those of the soldiers passed down. have passed through the electricity transmission line as well as gotten to know each other and learned more about the activities and lives of the people there. Therefore, the perception of nature and life through stones becomes even more interesting. Even in a stone or slab, the perception of a certain shape or form is very rich and diverse, not monotonous or dry… That feeling seems to enrich the imagination, bringing about new experiences. colorful emotions about nature, life…

Being attached to stones, Doan Quoc Son realized that stones are simple and rough but contain a hidden meaning of humanity when we put the human soul into it. Stone contains multi-colored, multi-faceted life, but not everyone can easily recognize the interesting things in each shape and shape of stone, if they are not stone lovers, have a heart and have an affinity with stones. It was the quiet fate that helped him not only find the stones he wanted, but sometimes also accidentally add to his small collection many stones from distant lands all over the country. country…./.