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Located in the middle of the primeval forest in the transition zone between Truong Son East and Truong Son West, covering over 200,000 hectares of 4 provinces: Gia Lai, Kon Tum, Quang Ngai, Binh Dinh, Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve is considered to have The forest area covers approximately 99%, has special scientific value with a diverse and rare ecosystem.

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A waterfall with many surrounding flora in Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve.


Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve (NR) with nearly 15,500 hectares of special-use forests, according to research by domestic and foreign scientists published at nature conservation conferences, this place also has enough criteria of a natural, geological and environmental heritage. Evidence is that this place also has ancient rock layers dating from 1.4 to 2.5 billion years plus an extremely rich ecosystem with endemic species of flora and fauna. According to statistics, Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve has 546 types of higher plants, of which 18 species are recorded in the Vietnam Red Book and 7 species are recorded in the world Red Book. As for the fauna, there are 392 species, many of which are listed in the Red Book such as tawny-cheeked gibbons, grey-shanked douc langurs, Truong Son muntjacs… and are ranked A of international importance for biodiversity. Mr. Trinh Viet Ty, Director of the Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve Management Board, said: “Researchers as well as UNESCO delegations conducted preliminary surveys but initially confirmed that Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve is of international stature in terms of biodiversity. In 2017, we discovered the number of higher plant species, including rare and endemic species, was up to 833 species.” According to the results of reviewing the national special-use forest planning for the period 2001 – 2010 of the Institute of Forest Investigation and Planning, Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve has 9 plant species that are endemic to Vietnam, including: red maple, elm, Song Dat, Starflower, Trac, Rot, Green Gioi and 2 types of orchids that are only found in this area: Long Hiep and Red Line Hoang Thao…

Along with the diversity of tropical ecosystems, Kon Chu Rang is also generously gifted by nature with many majestic landscapes. The waterfall system here is ranked among the best in the country, including 12 waterfalls with heights of 10m or more. With the potential and advantages of the landscape and ecosystem, Kon Chu Rang has tourism potential, especially eco-tourism. This will also be an ideal place for scientific research and environmental education, contributing to sustainable socio-economic development in the buffer zone.


With nearly 99% forest coverage, Kon Chu Rang is considered to be of international stature in terms of biodiversity.

Village “ranger”

Nestled in the middle of the forest, Kon Von 2 village (Dak Rong commune, Kbang district) is home to nearly 60 indigenous Ba Na households. Like many other Ba Na villages, they always choose the mountains and forests as a place to live. Their lives have been closely linked to the forest for many generations. For nearly ten years now, the villagers of Kon Von 2 have also had another job, the job of keeping the forest, so many People jokingly called this the “ranger” village. Since the State’s policy of assigning forest management and protection to the community, village elder Dinh Pach has mobilized villagers to participate. “The forest has been attached to every Ba Na person since birth. Our people have lived thanks to the forest for generations. Now we have to work with the State to preserve the forest for our children’s generations, so that our grandchildren will have a tree to build a house and a forest to live in,” village elder Dinh Pach proudly said. From an initial group of households participating in forest protection, now everyone and every house in the village are members of the management and protection of the contracted forest area. Not only are they active in protecting the forest from outside impacts, the people of Kon Von 2 village are also conscious of how not to negatively impact the forest in all activities. Up to now, the people of Kon Von 2 village have contracted to manage and protect 500 hectares of forest belonging to the forestry section of Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve. It is also a significant source of income for villagers. Thanks to this contract, people have raised awareness of forest protection, especially in Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve. Since then, there has not been any violation of forest law in the Kon Von 2 area.

What is more exciting is that the natural ecosystem, Kbang forest, is being chosen to promote the construction of the World Biosphere Area with nearly 90,000 hectares on the basis of connection between Kon Ka Kinh National Park and Kon Chu Rang Conservation Area. and surrounding areas. The implementation of this project not only contributes to the most effective forest preservation but also stabilizes the lives of people living near forests by assigning forests to them to manage and protect.