Phuong Quy – “Lovely garden in Kon Tum”

Phuong Quy village (1887) belongs to Vinh Quang commune, 5 km west of the city. Kon Tum, has long been known by people near and far as a place imbued with the countryside characteristics of the Kinh people who came from the plains to settle down next to the romantic Dak Bla river. There was a time when Phuong Quy was referred to as “Plum Village” – which sounded very gentle and affectionate because in the past the village had many apricot flowers, especially many ancient apricot trees. Every time Tet comes and spring comes, people invite each other to Phuong Quy to admire the blooming apricot branches showing off their bright yellow colors… And then for many unfortunate reasons, “Plum village” has run out of apricot trees… However recently , Phuong Quy is known by the rather rustic and familiar name “The garden in Kon Tum”.

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A rambutan garden full of fruit in Phuong Quy

On beautiful weekends. Instead of my friends sitting together for hours at cafes or going to relaxing fishing services like usual, now they tell each other to take the kids to Phuong Quy, where there are cool, winding small village roads. wine under coconut trees mixed with whispering green bamboo bushes and especially harmonious three-room ancient houses under the green space of gardens such as: jackfruit, durian, custard apple, rambutan… laden with fruit. See this as a new relaxation hobby and an opportunity for children to immerse themselves in exploring nature and learn about the extremely interesting lives of the people where they live… this is a form of tourism that many people love. popular in recent years.

Indeed, if you can once immerse yourself in the fruit-laden orchards, pick the fruit yourself and enjoy it right on the spot with all the fresh, crispy, delicious flavor of the fruit, plus the price at the source is always cheaper. at the market, and perhaps what makes us feel most attracted is that the “kids” get to chat with the gardeners to learn more about the life cycle, how to cultivate fruit trees as well as about the lives of the people here. This. Surely such simple, everyday things will leave a gentle, comfortable impression on everyone after a stressful working week or children will have an ideal, useful place this summer. .

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Grapefruit and custard apple from “Phuong Quy Garden”

At the beginning of summer around May and June every year, the typical fruit season of the Highlands begins such as: jackfruit, avocado, guava, custard apple… Although these fruits in Phuong Quy have not been grown in gardens in large quantities, they will surely make it possible for those who like to explore rural fruit trees to buy some delicious fruits and never have to go empty-handed…

And to the point that July and August is the main season of the luxuriant and fruitful orchards. You will exclaim when you discover that in front of you are durian trees that produce a lot of fruit, and rambutan trees that are at full maturity will delight everyone with bright red fruit clusters interspersed in dark green foliage. This stimulated the children to want to rush into picking those plump fruits themselves to immediately enjoy the fresh sweetness of the fruit.

To get to the right location of the region’s famous gardens. You can ask people about the fruit gardens of Mr. Phung, Mrs. Tan or Mr. and Ms. Thu… which currently have many fruit trees such as rambutan and durian that are ripening. Therefore, when coming to Phuong Quy this season, we can see the bustling atmosphere with the motorbike trips of fruit traders, every afternoon they invite each other to come here to buy wholesale fruit to bring out the next morning. The market sells and even people from outside the city also stop by to buy a few kilos of fresh rambutans or a few fragrant ripe durians. Just like that, the sellers and buyers kept chatting and chatting throughout the entire fruit garden…

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A garden owner is selecting ripe rambutans to sell to customers

With 150 rambutan trees and 50 durian trees at Mr. and Mrs. Thu’s house in Phuong Quy village, which have been bearing fruit for several years now, they have created a stable income with prices of 20,000 VND/kg of rambutan and 25,000 VND/kg of rambutan. durian with flat seeds. If we mentally calculate that each rambutan tree has an average of about 50kg and 20kg of durian per tree, Mr. and Mrs. Thu’s family imports no less than 100 million VND annually from this orchard. The joy for them is not only from a stable income but also because the quality of the fruit they produce is trusted and used by all Kon Tum people.

Currently in Phuong Quy, not only Mr. and Mrs. Thu’s family but also other households such as Mrs. Tan or Mr. Phung, in addition to trees such as rambutan, longan, durian… I have also expanded the area of ​​my family’s fruit garden such as grafted grapefruit and guava… initially the fruit was very poor. Most fruit trees brought from the South are suitable for the sandy soil here and produce fruit that is as sweet as the original.

The people of Phuong Quy, like other rustic rural areas, still retain the authentic character of the “naked” people. Their close and friendly way of talking makes those who visit feel happy and warm as if they were in the middle of their hometown.

Coming to Phuong Quy, off the road from Ba Trieu – Phan Dinh Phung intersection, go towards Kon Tum Sugar Factory, about another kilometer to reach the village. Nowadays, it is also possible to travel by river with dugout canoes down the Dak Bla river. This program will definitely leave a lot of impressions because you can admire the landscape, learn about the history and cultural lifestyle of the people living along the banks, and especially admire from afar the “gardens” of fruit and vegetables. After receiving permission from the homeowner, we can also “break into” this lush fruit garden to freely explore, it looks like a “real” garden land in the Mekong Delta…

With the growing need to explore, learn about cultural life and mingle with nature, Kon Tum people in particular and the whole country in general. Hopefully in the near future, Phuong Quy will have many households expanding their entertainment services along with their orchards to increase their income and meet the needs of tourists from near and far. Visit, learn and create a famous brand about “A fruit garden in Kon Tum”.

Tuong Lam