Phuoc Du Hi: ‘Make a travel vlog to attract tourists to your homeland’

Attracting more than 100 million views from videos promoting his homeland, Le Hong Phuoc (Phuoc Du Hi) brought the image of Binh Dinh tourism closer to many people.

Talking to VnExpress, Le Hong Phuoc, 28 years old (from Tuy Phuoc district), a famous travel guide and vlogger with 200,000 followers on Tiktok and nearly 40,000 followers on Facebook, said that his travels around the world His hometown helps him understand more deeply the spiritual values ​​of Nau, acting as a bridge to bring tourists to the “land of martial arts and literature”.

Phuoc Du Hi - travel vlogger from Binh Dinh has more than 200,000 followers on tiktok.  Photo: Provided by the character

Phuoc Du Hi – travel vlogger from Binh Dinh. Photo: Provided by the character

– How did you come to be a tour guide?

– I have a bachelor’s degree in English Language from Quy Nhon University, but I am passionate about traveling and exploring. Since I was a student, I have traveled by motorbike to many unspoiled local tourist destinations, and some provinces such as Phu Yen, Da Lat, and Lam Dong.

When I graduated in 2017, I saw that Quy Nhon city and other places in Binh Dinh were gradually attracting tourists, with many corporations investing in large resort tourism projects in the locality. Given the potential of the tourism industry, I decided to become a tour guide.

Although I do not have formal training in the industry, traveling a lot, combining practical knowledge with books, foreign languages, and a bit of good speaking skills have helped me gain the sympathy of many tourists while guiding. tour. tour.

But this job was not easy at first, my income was just enough to live on. I worked for a few years, then the tourism industry went quiet, Covid-19 lasted, that’s when I tried making videos, trying to become a vlogger, tiktoker.

– What topics about local tourism do you explore in your videos?

– In July 2021, I started making videos. First, I exploited my core strength of travel, making videos about famous landmarks of Binh Dinh, local dishes, culture, and history. But things got off to a rough start and the views were quite few.

At this time, Covid-19 is calming down but the tourism industry has not returned properly, so I have a lot of time at home. So I changed the topic to videos recording family diaries and conversations with parents. This topic unintentionally touched many people who had to be separated from their families for too long during the epidemic, especially audiences from Binh Dinh far from home. Views began to increase from here, leading to previous videos about travel also becoming more viral.

After that, I made a video about the “brain damage” of Binh Dinh language, which suddenly attracted more than 3.6 million views on the Tiktok platform and millions of views on Facebook. This was the turning point that helped me trust and invest more in my work and invest more in videos.

– In your opinion, why do your videos attract viewers even though they only focus on one locality?

– At the end of 2021, I will speed up making videos about Binh Dinh tourism with more frequency, about 3-4 videos per week. The places I go to are mostly new, pristine locations, I hardly have to “act” when filming. Usually after filming, I spend a session editing and editing on my phone.

In addition to investing a lot of effort in practical experiences, I combine research in books and newspapers with visits to historical and cultural sites. In addition, opinions from the community are also a channel I often refer to, thanks to taking advantage of social networks. For example, when I want to ask what is good to see or delicious food to eat at a particular place, many people online comment enthusiastically to recommend it.

I often appear with an energetic, youthful image in my videos, which makes viewers like it and want to immerse themselves in the same experiences as me to recreate themselves after stressful working hours.

Tour guide is Le Hong Phuoc's main job.  Photo: Provided by the character

Le Hong Phuoc worked as a tour guide for a group of tourists. Photo: Provided by the character

– How have the videos helped local people and the province’s tourism industry?

– Some places from being pristine have become famous, such as Ham Ho in Tay Son district. There are cool streams and a very special rock here, so just a few days after I made the video, there were a lot of tourists coming here. The video has so far attracted more than one million views, helping people earn more income from selling dishes and products to tourists.

Other tourist destinations are already famous, but appearing on social networks with new, little-known aspects helps the tourism industry maintain its attraction to tourists. Or the restaurants that I reviewed are also known by many people outside the province and stop by every time they come to Binh Dinh.

– What does being famous on social networks bring you?

– After I introduced Binh Dinh tourism and became known as both a vlogger and a tour guide, people often contacted me for tour advice. After a customer books a tour, I work with the travel company to organize it and receive a commission, this is my main source of income.

In addition, many shops also asked me to post videos. This is also a source of income, but I don’t want to turn my channel into an advertising channel. Therefore, I often carefully consider factors such as the uniqueness of the restaurant or the delicious food before accepting the offer.

A huge spiritual value that I receive is the joy of introducing the image of my homeland everywhere, which is also the guiding principle when I start working as a tour guide or vlog.

– What is your biggest pressure?

– Videos have an impact on many people and the tourism industry, so I am also under great pressure because I worry about making mistakes or accidentally causing negative impacts. There were videos published but when reading the comments I realized my perspective may have been correct at that time but it was not good for the general public.

On the contrary, when my name is known to the online community, it means I also receive negative comments for good content. In fact, I also “dropped my mood”. But overall, I still pursue this profession for joy and to see that the audience still loves me a lot.

Phuoc on Binh Dinh beach.  Photo: Provided by the character

Le Hong Phuoc during his trip to Ly Son (Quang Ngai). Photo: Provided by the character

– What are your upcoming plans?

– At the end of last year, I took a trip across Vietnam by motorbike to visit all parts of the country. These trips not only help me satisfy my passion for traveling, but also help me expand my perspective on local tourism practices, thereby drawing experience for myself as well as sharing with other tourism professionals. of Binh Dinh.

Currently, I continue to roam around Binh Dinh to deeply understand my hometown, thereby deepening my research and producing videos with more investment and historical cultural depth, combined with social networks that bring valuable values. Tradition comes to young people.

I also want to expand the promotion of neighboring provinces such as Quang Ngai, Kon Tum… so that myself and tourists have more options to experience.