Photo series: Bustling coffee harvest season in Dak Ha district

Every year, from November to December, when the weather is cold, it is also the time when coffee in Dak Ha district in particular and Kon Tum province in general is ripe. At home, coffee growers enter the harvest season in a bustling manner.

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Coffee fields in Dak Mar commune, Dak Ha district

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Tarpaulins are spread over the roots so that the harvested fruit does not spill out

thirty first

Coffee trees laden with fruit

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The quick hands of a farmer when harvesting coffee

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Have to wriggle under the dense trees

sixty one

The work is from dawn to dusk, but the farmer’s face is always happy because this year’s coffee crop is good

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Women also actively work to increase their income

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Many families exchange labor to harvest coffee

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Ripe coffee cherries are harvested by people

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The joy of the season

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Fallen leaves and dry branches are removed before being put into bags

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The coffee cherries that meet the harvest standards are put into bags

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Trucks come to the site to transport coffee to the drying yard

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Drying is an important process in coffee processing

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Every hour, the farmer has to drive the cart to dry the coffee evenly

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Smile always bright

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Taking advantage of the beautiful sunny day, the machines continuously worked


Invest in an excavator for a large drying yard


Must work in dusty and hot environments


As the afternoon light gradually faded, the workers were still working enthusiastically


Dried coffee is put into bags and transported to the peeling place


The grinding machines are also actively working