Paragliding sport in Kon Tum: Potential for tourism development

Paragliding sport in Kon Tum: Potential for tourism development

The high mountainous terrain, covering the vast valley of Sa Thay (Kon Tum), is an ideal place for paragliding.

Introduced to Vietnam since 1995, there are currently about 10 paragliding clubs across the country with more than 300 members and more than 20 licensed flying locations. Kon Tum province with many large areas with high mountainous terrain and mild weather is an ideal place for paragliding clubs to unleash their passion for conquering.

Mr. Duong Hien Hoang, Chairman of Da Nang Paragliding Club, said that from 2018 up to now, he and the club members have surveyed many locations in Kon Tum province such as: Chu Hreng Hill (Kon Tum City), Chu Hreng Hill (Kon Tum City), Mang Den national ecotourism (Kon Plong district) and high points 995-Chu Tan Kra, 1015-Sac Ly, 1049-Delta (Sa Thay district). “Among the surveyed locations, Sa Thay district is the most suitable place, associated with 3 historical high points that have been ranked as provincial relics: Chu Tan Kra, Sach Ly and Delta. With permission from the Ministry of National Defense, the Provincial People’s Committee and relevant agencies, many paragliding clubs across the country have organized hundreds of flights at these locations,” Mr. Hoang shared.

Sa Thay has a long Chu Tan Kra mountain range, multi-layered hills and mountains that catch the wind direction; Suitable altitude for non-motorized paragliding and delta-wing kites. The flight area below is flat and empty, not affected by high voltage power lines; does not affect civil aviation; There are many ideal takeoff and landing spots. Chu Tan Kra and Sach Ly hill are both beautiful flying spots and especially these are historical places. In addition, the weather in Sa Thay is favorable for paragliding, lasting from October to July of the following year. There is suitable terrain with lots of hot air rising from 11:00 to 15:00 every day, so it is very suitable for XC (long and long) flights for professional pilots; There are low hills for training and flying practice. In particular, Sa Thay is more than 30km from Kon Tum city center, more than 50km from Bo Y international border gate, traffic is smooth and paved, allowing easy movement from localities to flight locations.

Talking to Culture reporter, Mr. Truong Anh Tai, Director of the Center for Culture, Information and Communications of Sa Thay district said: Every year, during the dry season from November to May, there are many delegations in the city. Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, and Da Nang organized flights. Each group has about 7 or 8 people and they fly for a whole week before returning. “I personally experienced flying for 30 minutes with a pilot behind me, feeling very adventurous. When flying high, you can see the entire landscape, the scenery of Sa Thay land stretching out under your eyes, it feels wonderful,” Mr. Tai shared.

The orientation of Sa Thay district in the coming time will combine the organization of paragliding sports associated with the development of ecological tours (Ch Mom Ray National Park), spiritual tourism related to tourist attractions. Provincial historical relics have been ranked (Chu Tan Kra, Sac Ly, Delta relics). In particular, attention is paid to preserving the identity of ethnic minorities. According to Mr. Do Van Minh, Head of Tourism Management Department, Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Kon Tum province, for the development of paragliding sport, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism asked the Provincial People’s Committee for advice and received approval. Currently, the Department is developing a project to develop paragliding in association with tourism development. “After the project is approved, it will host national paragliding tournaments, and further international tournaments will be registered. At the same time, associate paragliding with other types of tourism such as community, ecological, and spiritual tourism. Because, the people flying are also tourists. We can combine introducing and promoting different types of tourism and experiencing local services,” Mr. Minh informed.