Natural impression of ASEAN Heritage on the Truong Son range

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Sunlight bathes a corner of the forest

Chu Mom Ray is located in Sa Thay and Ngoc Hoi districts. Right next to Chu Mom Ray National Park is Cambodia’s Virachey National Park and Laos’ Southeast Ghong Conservation Area.

This is one of 94 special-use forests in Vietnam, with the largest area of ​​primary forest and containing rare genetic resources.

In 2004, Chu Mom Ray National Park was recognized as an ASEAN heritage by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

The flora of Chu Mom Ray National Forest is rich and diverse in species and status. There are about 1,534 plant species here, including 113 rare species belonging to the orchid family, gymnosperms, dioecious species, cycads, cycads, bamboo pine, rosewood, rosewood…

This place once marked many fierce battles during the period of “cutting Truong Son to save the country”. Some places in the forest still have traces of trenches, bomb craters…

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The road to Chu Mom Ray mountain has to go through a long stretch of bare hills, most of which have been burned for farming purposes
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It’s still the dry season, fallen leaves cover the path.
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The road through the forest is quite dangerous
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There will be times when you come across a flat area on high ground, called Lagerstroemia Park (another name for the odd Panax tree, different from the purple Lagerstroemia variety).
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On the way, you will encounter ancient trees
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…and many precious old trees
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If you don’t pay close attention, you will mistakenly think this is a fallen old tree. But no, this is just a strangely shaped tree stump.
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You will encounter a wooden tree, a unique natural phenomenon.
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“Family” of mushrooms inside a tree cavity.
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If you’re tired, try your luck with a tea table made from bamboo from the green forest.
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And the cool, fresh water of the green forest will empower you to explore the wild nature of Chu Mo Ray.