March – Kon Tum

March - Kon Tum
Camping – A type of backpacking tourism that is loved by young people. Photo by Nguyen Anh Cuong

From late February to April every year, not traveling to Kon Tum this season will be a big regret for those who love “traveling”.

In March, Kon Tum’s climate becomes mild and cool, making it an ideal time for tourists to visit this vast plateau. Not only attractive by nature but also attractive to tourists by the unique cultural beauty of ethnic minorities living in the locality. The cuisine of this land will bring new and attractive flavors to visitors.

March - Kon Tum
Kon Klor suspension bridge. Ban Nguyen’s photo

March is also the time when a flower is in full bloom, the coffee flower – with pure beauty and intense vitality like the people here.

In March, Kon Tum is wearing an attractive, pure white shirt of coffee flowers, not only for viewing, but for the people of Kon Tum, this is a flower that brings economic value to feed so many people here. This.

Another wonderful thing is that when the flowers bloom, the mountain town is immersed in the sweet fragrance of the coffee flower season. The scent is captivating to all visitors, making anyone who hears it once fall in love with it. Try a cup of coffee early in the morning and feel the calmness of this majestic land.

March - Kon Tum
Every late spring, coffee flowers in the Central Highlands all bloom white. Photo: Vo Dinh Khoa

Besides going to Kon Tum to see the white colors of coffee flowers, you can also combine to explore such as: wooden church, bishop’s palace, Kon Klor suspension bridge, Kon Klor communal house, eco-tourism area. Mang Den… All have their own beauty, a wild, mysterious beauty but no less lyrical and poetic.

March - Kon Tum
Explore great culture. Photo: Thai Bana

Come back to Kon Tum in March to once hear and feel the value of art in very familiar and beautiful lyrics as if to affirm: “In March, the people of the Central Highlands are filled with love, their hearts flutter, couples smiling lips, March is the season of boiling mountains and forests, March is the season of happiness in the Central Highlands, oh March that beautifies life.