Mang Den National Ecotourism Area – attractive destination

Mang Den National Ecotourism Area (Kon Tum) is an attractive destination, attracting tourists during the holiday April 30-May 1.

Mang Den National Ecotourism Area - attractive destination
Cultural space “Central Highlands Paradise” (Mang Den town, Kon Plong district, Kon Tum province) is the place to restore 5 traditional communal houses with many items associated with the daily life of ethnic minorities. in place. Photo: Khoa Chuong/TTXVN

With cool, temperate weather and wild nature, Mang Den will bring visitors the ideal vacation. Therefore, local entertainment and recreation activities are given special attention. The province assigned Kon Plong district to implement programs associated with cultural experience activities of indigenous ethnic minorities.

According to the Department of Culture and Information of Kon Plong district, although there are still a few days left until the Hung King Commemoration holiday and the 48th anniversary of the Liberation of the South and unification of the country, up to now, all hotels, The accommodation area in Mang Den town is almost empty. The authorities of Kon Plong district and Kon Tum province are urgently preparing activities to take place on this occasion.

Mr. Dang Dinh Toan, Head of the Culture and Information Department of Kon Plong district, said that the capacity of hotels and accommodation areas at Mang Den National Ecotourism Area is about 3,500 – 4,000 visits per day. Currently, tourists have fully booked their stays on April 29, 30 and May 1. In addition, due to the long holiday, on May 2 and 3, the number of tourists booking is also quite large.

To prepare for the holiday, Kon Plong district authorities have worked with hotel and accommodation owners to ensure safety for tourists. Homestay areas and community tourism villages, in addition to providing accommodation for tourists, also organize picnic and experiential activities so that tourists can immerse themselves in the nature, culture, people, cuisine… of the community. indigenous peoples.

Meritorious Artisan Y Lim (Kon Bring community tourism village, Mang Den town) said that during the upcoming holidays, the village will be able to accommodate 200 – 300 guests per day. In addition to preparing traditional dishes as well as gong dances of the Ca Dong ethnic group, this year, visitors will also be able to experience a new tourist attraction, the village’s suspension bridge. Currently, all accommodation rooms at Kon Bring community tourism village are fully booked during the holiday.

During 7 days, from April 27 to May 3, the district organizes many cultural activities for tourists to visit, experience and enjoy such as: Displaying the cultural space “Central Highlands Paradise – Mang Den”; agricultural market and display of typical local products; announced Vi Ro Ngheo tourist destination, Dak Tang commune; Opening of Mang Den walking and culinary street… Up to now, preparations are being urgently implemented, promising to bring a complete vacation to tourists, Mr. Dang Dinh Toan emphasized.

According to statistics from the People’s Committee of Kon Tum province, in the first quarter of 2023, the province attracted more than 600,000 tourists to visit and relax, reaching 46.18% of the plan, an increase of 2.7 times compared to the previous year. in the same period, revenue was estimated at 246.5 billion VND; Of which, Mang Den National Ecotourism Area alone welcomed 230,000 visitors. With careful preparation for tourists this holiday, Kon Tum hopes to soon reach and exceed the yearly target of welcoming 1.3 million visitors.

Du Toan (VNA)