Kon Tum with international integration

As a province located in the Vietnam – Laos – Cambodia Development Triangle area, bordering both Laos and Cambodia, in the context of our country increasingly integrating deeply into international life, the integration Kon Tum province’s international cooperation is inevitable and necessary to serve the local socio-economic development policy. However, Kon Tum also clearly identified a number of difficulties and challenges in addition to favorable foundations in light of the current world, domestic and provincial situations, thereby providing timely directions and directions to bring Kon Tum province firmly steps into international integration in the new situation.

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A delegation of senior officials from Kon Tum province visited, worked and wished New Year to Ratanakiri province


With the trend of peace, cooperation will still be the main trend of the world in the coming time. Asia – Pacific is becoming a dynamically developing region and becoming the economic center of the world and the nucleus of international integration in the coming years. More and more cooperation mechanisms on many levels and fields are being promoted in Asia-Pacific; Our Party’s policies, guidelines, orientations, and thinking on international integration are increasingly being perfected and specific; The increasingly complete legal framework creates a basis for localities to effectively implement international integration. In the world, international integration is still taking place strongly on many levels and fields, from the global scale, the bilateral region, from economics, politics, security, and specialized fields that will create favorable conditions. Favorable conditions to promote Vietnam’s international integration, thereby promoting faster integration of localities throughout the country.

After nearly 30 years of innovation, along with the country, Kon Tum province has achieved many great achievements, security and defense have been maintained, the economy has developed, society has been stable, and infrastructure has been maintained. People’s floors and living standards are gradually improved, creating internal strength for the implementation of international integration; The province’s foreign affairs and international integration work in a number of fields has been successfully implemented initially, strengthening relations with border provinces and establishing relations with international organizations and representative agencies. foreign diplomacy in Vietnam, economic integration has changed, businesses’ competitiveness has improved, attracting and deploying FDI, ODA, and foreign non-governmental aid increasingly effectively, create a premise and experience for the process of implementing international integration in the coming time.

Kon Tum province is located at the intersection of Indochina, is the center of the Cambodia – Laos – Vietnam Development Triangle area, and has the advantage of border gate economy. Bo Y international border gate is an important transit point on the East – West economic corridor, the shortest and most convenient route connecting the Central Highlands, Central Coast, and Southeast provinces with the southern provinces of Laos. , Northeast Thailand. This is a favorable geographical location in implementing international integration of the province.

Difficulties and challenges…

The international context in the coming years will also pose many difficulties and challenges to our country’s international integration process, such as the global economic and financial crisis that is having an impact on countries, including Vietnam and poses many new development problems for other countries, negatively affecting the province’s international integration process, causing difficulties in exporting goods, calling for investment, and promoting investment. promote trade, tourism…; The strategic competition of major countries, conflicts in core areas still continue, disputes over sovereignty of sea and islands, plots for “peaceful evolution” by reactionary forces, and security issues. Non-traditional security and development model challenges will impact our country’s integration process and through that affect localities.

The level of development in all aspects of Vietnam in general and Kon Tum province in particular is much lower than the general level of the world and the region, the competitiveness of businesses and the province is still weak, attracting FDI. and ODA is even lower than other localities; Many agencies, units, and businesses have not been proactive in foreign affairs and international integration, and have the mindset of relying on agencies carrying out foreign affairs and foreign economic affairs; The ability to identify, evaluate and predict actual developments in order to proactively handle problems that arise during the implementation of international integration work is still limited; There is a lack of a clear coordination mechanism between relevant agencies and the team working on foreign affairs in general and international integration in particular has been trained, fostered, and experienced through the process of implementing foreign policy activities. foreign exchange and international integration in recent times, but it is still not enough in both quantity and quality to meet the requirements of comprehensive international integration in many fields in the coming time…

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Standing Vice Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee in a meeting with the Irish Ambassador to Vietnam

visited Kon Tum province on April 23, 2014.

The province’s guiding viewpoint…

Identifying the above opportunities and challenges, Kon Tum province has proactively and actively integrated into the world on the basis of the Party and State’s guidelines and policies, maintaining an independent and self-reliant foreign policy, for the benefit of the nation and people, for peace, cooperation and development, an open foreign policy, multilateralization, and diversification of international relations; Thoroughly grasp and creatively apply lessons learned in the process of implementing foreign affairs and international integration in recent times of the country as well as Kon Tum province, with specific guiding viewpoints such as:

First of all, proactive and active international integration is the Party’s major strategic orientation to successfully carry out the task of building and protecting the socialist Fatherland of Vietnam in general and building a rich and beautiful Kon Tum province. in particular.

International integration is the cause of the entire people and the entire political system under the leadership of the Party and the management of the State. All mechanisms and policies must promote the initiative, positivity and creativity of all organizations and individuals, effectively exploiting the potential of the entire society and all classes of people, including The entire Vietnamese community is living and working abroad in the cause of building and protecting the Fatherland.

International integration on the basis of maximizing internal resources; Closely connect and promote the process of perfecting institutions, improving the quality of human resources, modernizing infrastructure, and enhancing the province’s comprehensive strength and competitiveness; Closely associated with strengthening the level of connection between key regions, regions and localities throughout the province.

Economic integration continues to be the focus, integration in other fields must facilitate economic integration and contribute positively to economic development, strengthen national defense, ensure national security, and preserve national defense. preserve and promote national cultural identity, promote cultural and social development; Integration in all fields must be carried out synchronously within an overall international integration strategy with roadmaps and steps appropriate to actual conditions and local capacities.

Strictly comply with international commitments that Vietnam participates in along with proactively and actively making effective use of international rules and laws; Effectively deploy agreements signed with border localities and localities of countries around the world.

With the above viewpoints and orientations of the party committees at all levels, the Kon Tum government has been gradually maximizing internal resources and taking advantage of external resources in the process of international integration to bring the province to comprehensive development. , steady; improve the effectiveness of international cooperation in the fields of economics, culture – society, science and technology, education, health, security and defense; maintain the growth rate of the economy; enhance the competitiveness of key businesses and products, improve people’s lives; Maintain political stability, strengthen national defense and security, ensure social order and safety, and actively contribute to the work of maintaining independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity; Promote the image, culture, potential, trade and tourism of the locality and Vietnam to countries around the world; preserve and promote national identity; Attract investment and aid to contribute to the province’s socio-economic development and improve people’s quality of life in the coming time./.

Yen Tran

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