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[Tin Kon Tum] – Dubbed the “Indochina Junction” on the Truong Son range, Kon Tum has much potential for developing eco-tourism, cultural and historical tourism. Kon Tum also has many natural landscapes such as: Chu Mom Ray National Park, Ya Ly lake bed, Dak To hot spring – Dak Lung waterfall, Mang Den pine forest, Konktu village, km33 natural stone beach tourist area… all forming landscape and resort tourist areas, creating unique and attractive eco-tourism and cultural products.

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A typical example of the development of Kon Tum tourism is the Mang Den eco-tourism area, which is identified as one of the three key economic regions of the province that is focused on investment and development. Also according to the draft report Vietnam Tourism Development Strategy to 2030, the Central Highlands is one of seven specific tourist regions of Vietnam, in which Mang Den is proposed to be one of 31 regions with large scale and The tourism potential is particularly outstanding and should be given priority investment by the State to develop into a national tourist area. With those special advantages, in May 2011, the Kon Tum Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism organized a workshop on planning to build the Mang Den national eco-tourism area and Kon Plong urban area until 2011. 2030 aims to build and develop Kon Plong district center associated with Mang Den eco-tourism area to become a modern tourism and resort center, rich in cultural identity of ethnic groups in Kon Tum province. and gradually become a major tourist area of ​​the Northern Central Highlands region.

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Kon Tum has Chu Mom Ray National Park, with a total area of ​​48,658 hectares, which preserves biodiversity of rare forest animals and plants, primary forest vegetation, and important habitats. Or like Ya Ly waterfall with beautiful scenery and majestic mountains. Ya Ly Hydropower Plant has formed a large lake bed area, an ideal place to visit and travel for those who love nature and find their roots. In particular, Kon Tum has the natural stone beach tourist area km33 (Kon Ray district) 23km east of Kon Tum town, an area created by interconnected rocky beaches, with a special lyrical and peaceful landscape. in the summer, giving visitors the feeling of being close to nature. Coming to Konktu village, which often welcomes domestic and international tourists, visitors can admire the unique and pristine cultural features, with the traditional tall roofs of the Bana people and ancient stilt houses. glasses; You can watch the gong performance, with the sinus dance of the mountain girls of Konktu village… And there are many unique natural landscapes and cultural and historical relics that bring special appeal to Konktu tourism. Tum.

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In addition, the exploitation of historical and cultural values ​​in the tourism development strategy is also emphasized with famous landmarks such as: Kon Tum wooden church, Dak Glei prison historical site, communal house in Kon Tum. Konktu village, gong festival of ethnic minorities, Puh Ho Drih festival (peace praying ceremony), festival of new communal houses,… bearing bold cultural features of the people of the Central Highlands.

Image result for Dak To-Tan Canh victoryVisitors to Kon Tum will make a pilgrimage to return to the old battlefields, with famous places that have entered the history of the nation’s struggle, which are Dak To – Tan Canh, the bridgehead land of the war. war for liberation of the South; Charlie Hill; Ho Chi Minh trail; legendary Indochina junction… In addition, with over 53% of the population being ethnic minorities, including 6 indigenous ethnic groups living for a long time in Kon Tum, it has a rich and diverse traditional culture. Both tangible and intangible culture are attractive features for foreign tourists interested in learning about local ethnic culture. Therefore, the local tourism industry is surveying and finding unique tourism products to meet the needs of tourists. At the same time, proactively implement coordinated programs to promote cultural, sports, tourism and family activities in ethnic minority and mountainous areas of Kon Tum province in the period 2011-2015 between the Department of Culture and Sports and Tourism and Ethnic Minority Committee of Kon Tum province.

Developing these types of tourism is not only meaningful to the local tourism industry but is also important in connecting festivals and tourism between the Central Highlands tourist route and the Central Heritage route. such as Hue, Hoi An, Da Nang… create a strange attraction, an ideal destination for many domestic and foreign tourists because this land still contains many mysteries that people have not yet fully discovered./.

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