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Tu Mo Rong Cat Apple – Photo: Y Viet Sa

In the past, when talking about cat apples, people often immediately thought of northern lands such as Yen Bai, Moc Chau, Sa Pa, but now in the northern Central Highlands, there is also this fruit with great flavor. Cat apples distributed in Kon Plong and Tu Mo Rong districts are usually large, ripened dark pink and yellow, with a sweet aroma and slightly sweet taste, while apples in Dak Glei are usually small, ripened yellow, only slightly sweet. sweet but with a stronger acrid taste, suitable for soaking in wine. To enjoy fresh apples, people often choose fruits that are deep, ripe, and still have a fresh, sweet, fragrant taste. Just a cup of salt and chili for dipping can create a delicious, attractive taste of cat apples. To be more sophisticated, process cat apples into soft drinks, wine, apple cider vinegar, jam,…

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Cat apples soaked in sugar – Photo: Ha Oanh

Jujube season is ripe in Kon Tum, you can buy them to make wine or process them for later use. Cat cider has many uses and the preparation is simple: wash the cat’s coat, cut it in half and soak it in diluted salt water for about 30 minutes. Take it out to drain, then put it in a glass jar, for a layer of apples and a layer of white sugar in a ratio of 1: 2. Leave for about 1 month for the apples to ferment, secreting a golden liquid, giving off a strong aroma. can be used. Every hot sunny afternoon, make a glass of cider, put a few ice cubes in to enjoy the passionate yeast flavor, a bit like grape wine, but with a very attractive sweet and sour taste. After drinking all the water, take the apple pulp and soak it in wine for a few more months. To cure the disease better, you cut the apple into thin slices, dry them, soak them in wine for about 3 months and then use them. Medicinal wines are often heavy and difficult to drink, but apple cider vinegar is both delicious, easy to drink and can cure many diseases, causing people to drink it without even realizing it. Sipping a small cup of wine at each meal also helps treat bloating, indigestion, stimulates digestion, and makes rice delicious. In addition, jujube also has the effect of lowering blood pressure by dilating peripheral vessels, lowering blood fat, dilating coronary arteries, sedating and calming, contributing to restoring physiological balance and actively preventing complications. caused by high blood pressure.

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Currently, along with medicinal wines, there is apple cider vinegar

(Stone tea) is trusted by many people – Photo: Ha Oanh.

When Tet comes, instead of traditional jams that are so familiar and boring, you can also show off your talent in making cat apple jam, which is both unique and delicious, but eating a lot of it is not toxic.. How to do as follows: cut the apple into thin pieces, soak in diluted mosquito water overnight. The next morning, take the apples out and dry them in the sun until the apple pieces are slightly wilted and turn dark brown. Add sugar to the apple cider vinegar, stir well, then soak for another night to let the sugar absorb. Then put it on the stove over low heat, until the sugar is almost dry, then add a little vanilla, continue to stir gently for about 1 minute. Quickly pour it onto a wide tray, wait for the apples to cool, and you’ll have a soft, sweet and sour apple jam with a delicious flavor that you won’t get tired of eating. In the North, cat apple jam is familiar to consumers, but in Kon Tum, it is probably still a unique jam, making many people curious to try it.

In recent years, many people have been interested in apple cider vinegar, which is increasingly used in beauty and culinary needs as a delicious spice. Apple cider vinegar has a sour taste and an attractive aroma. There is nothing more delicious than when used to prepare salads and salad dressings. Just wake up every morning and gargle with a small glass of apple cider vinegar to help treat sore throat, reduce sinusitis symptoms, and prevent gum disease. Because it is extracted completely from nature, it stimulates the body’s metabolism, helps sleep well, relieves pain, and treats bladder pain. Currently, the use that many women are learning about is using apple cider vinegar to lose weight safely instead of using expensive, harmful weight loss drugs. Making apple cider vinegar is not too difficult, you can try making it at home.

Coming to the mountain town of Kon Tum, not only do you enjoy the unique cuisine of ethnic minorities with green vegetables, wild bamboo shoots, ginseng wine, cricket meat,… You also don’t forget to bring home cat apples – a gift of the forest. imbued with the taste of highland forests with a characteristic sweet and sour and bitter taste.

Ha Oanh

Some medicines from the apple:

1. Treat bloating with apple cider vinegar: You take 30g of dried cat apple, boil it and drink it instead of tea during the day, you need to drink it for 2-3 days.

2. Cat apples help treat blood lipid disorders: You take 50g of sliced ​​cat apple and cook it with 50g of plain rice to make porridge. Then, you add rock sugar to make it sweet and divide it a few times a day.

3. Treat high blood pressure and prevent complications with apple cider vinegar: You should take 12g of black cat apple, 12g of red rose, 9g of white chrysanthemum. Then, you grind the powder with boiling water in a closed jar for about 20 minutes. You can drink it instead of tea during the day.

4. Apple cider vinegar helps enhance digestion: Use 200gr of apple cider vinegar, wash, remove seeds and soak with 300ml of white wine (be careful to shake the bottle once a day). After a week brought out drinking. Drink twice a day, 10-15 ml each time. After drinking all the wine, the remaining cat apple is mixed with sugar and gradually eaten.

5. Treat fatty liver with apple cider vinegar: Eat 5-7 cat apples every day, or use 10-15 apples to drink.

6. Cat apples also treat high blood pressure and high blood fat: 15g cat apple, 15g lotus leaf, boil in water and drink instead of tea during the day.