Kon Tum bamboo shoot specialties

Every year, the Mang le season comes, after completing weeding and fertilizing the fields for rice and cassava. People in the villages of Kon Ray and Dak To districts and villages near Kon Tum city invite each other to go into the forest to look for bamboo shoots to sell. The work is not that difficult, but the money earned from selling Bamboo Shoots every day helps people buy rice and food for the whole family. In addition, they also hope that from the money they make from selling bamboo shoots every day, if collected from beginning to end of the season, many families will be able to buy new clothes, backpacks, and sandals for their children to prepare for the new school year like usual. year.

Like all the people in KonJôRi village (Dak Ro Wa commune, Kon Tum city), Ms. Phieu and her husband also go to the forest these days to get bamboo shoots to sell at the market. She shared the reality of going “to eat bamboo shoots” one day: “My husband and I went upriver to the Dak Bla River, where the forest up there still had a lot of bamboo shoots. Every day we dug up more than ten kilos of fresh bamboo shoots. Every day when we come back early, my husband and I take the bamboo shoots to the street to sell for a good price, and when we come home late, we sell them to the buyers waiting at the river wharf or sometimes we boil them and then sell them the next day. On average, my husband and I earn nearly 150,000 VND per day traveling.”

Bamboo shoots are taken from the forest and include many types such as bamboo shoots, ginseng… but the most popular is still bamboo shoots. There are many ways and many dishes that can be prepared from bamboo shoots and are quite “delicious” so that’s why bamboo shoots have not been difficult to sell over the years, regardless of whether they are fresh bamboo shoots taken from the forest or seasoned bamboo shoots. drying.

People sell unboiled fresh bamboo shoots for 9,000 – 10,000 VND, and for boiled bamboo shoots, the price is 12,000 VND/kg. Villages with many focal points to buy bamboo shoots, after purchasing fresh bamboo shoots, they set up manual kilns that operate day and night to dry bamboo shoots on the spot such as Dak Mong village, Dak Tram commune, Dak To district or other villages. in Dak Ruong commune, Tan Lap commune, Kon Ray district. To produce a finished product of 01 kg of dried bamboo shoots is not a simple thing, it requires nearly 15 kg of fresh bamboo shoots and many other… laborious steps. Ms. Hue, a bamboo shoot drying kiln owner who has been doing business for many years in Dak To district, said: “The bamboo shoot season is also the rainy season, so we have to prepare many drying ovens that operate day and night to save the bamboo shoots from spoiling. Because after hiring workers to cut, prune, and boil the bamboo shoots, she sends someone to take them to the market to remove the termites, but most of the time they split the bamboo shoots and then dry them on the spot, and this drying process is very difficult and requires supervision day and night so that the bamboo shoots have enough heat. Just dry, not too crispy and lose its natural aroma or too sticky, and watery will easily get moldy and won’t last long…”.

“Delicious piece” of bamboo shoots is no longer limited to residents in the area. It has long become a “precious gift” sent to family and friends from all over for Kon Tum people. Anyone who has had the opportunity to travel a lot and enjoy many bamboo shoot dishes in many places can fully feel the excitement and unique flavor of bamboo shoots. This is what makes Mang le, although it does not have an official “brand”, is not cheap compared to many other foods. This year, right at the handmade kilns during the main season, dried bamboo shoots are sold at a common price of 190,000 VND/kg, while in Kon Tum city, the price of delicious dried bamboo shoots is no less than 200,000 VND/kg.

Ms. Hue, Owner of the drying kiln also added, “Our people love bamboo shoots very much. Wherever it is dried, the seller will take it all and bring it back to the city to sell. Bamboo shoots are delicious because they are dense, sweet and fleshy, not bitter or astringent…”

Up to now, there has not been a single individual in the province who has researched and invested in building a bamboo shoot drying kiln to overcome the disadvantages that manual kilns are facing, such as being laborious, consuming firewood, and wasting time. time but the quality is not high. Just as no individual has ever thought of growing bamboo shoots to develop their family’s economy. While Bat Bo bamboo shoots, Dien Truc… have been done by many people and many people have spent a lot of money, but the results are not significant.

Is it subjective to say that: in the process of introducing new varieties into agricultural and forestry production, farmers and functional agencies often pay more attention to new varieties, while indigenous plants are rarely researched? experimental research. From the story of bamboo shoots – a specialty that currently does not have an official brand, we also need to invest and pay more attention to the discovery and promotion of the province’s existing potential not only in the field of agriculture and forestry. If we can do this, maybe Kon Tum bamboo shoots can build their own “brand” to help people live from the forest. Only then can people see the benefits from forests and participate in better forest protection.

Tuong Lam

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