Going to Kon Tum to ‘play with autumn’

This season, when Quang Ngai is so hot that it makes you want to “burn fat”, spending a few days in this highland city is an interesting choice.


Now the car is crawling over Violak Pass. Clouds drifted on both sides of the pass, hovering in patches in the valleys. The scenery is truly magical. “Picking clouds from the sky” is not difficult for those who have crossed Violak Pass. Someone rightly said that if you want to “play with autumn” in Kon Tum, you must first “play with” this quite dangerous pass. The driver named Huy joked: at the end of the course, driver training centers let students drive the car up and down one round of Violak without “injuring” anything, then please ask him to receive his driver’s license.

The pass named Violak ended the time when Quang Ngai – Kon Tum were close to home and far from the alley. Hearing the Mang Den people bustling about the festival right next to their armpits, if Quang Ngai wanted to participate, they had to go to Binh Dinh, up to Gia Lai and then around to Kon Tum. Now, traffic and trade between the two provinces are very convenient. Coffee in the morning at Thach Tru intersection (Mo Duc district – Quang Ngai), noon eating bamboo rice and fried chicken in Konplong (Kon Tum).

As soon as the car reached the top of the pass (1,200 m above sea level), the starting point of Kon Tum, Mang Den town, appeared. Autumn and thousands of pine trees also appear. Green mountains and forests, cool air. Many tourist cars turn into the Virgin Mary church hidden in the pine forest. Although not yet completed, this church area is still crowded with visitors. It can be seen as a good sign that Kon Tum still “keeps” its pine forests. And thousands of pine trees are repaying Kon Tum’s gratitude by volunteering to spend their lives as courageous warriors against climate change.

Going to Kon Tum to 'play with autumn' - photo 1

Tourists in Kon Tum pine forest

Under the cool pine shade, the sunlight sparkled through the leaves. It’s a hot summer down there. This place is like autumn. Clear space. The straight rows of pine trees dyed with countless tiny sunlight particles in the afternoon evoke the beauty of “golden pine powder” of a distant time.

Ms. Van Thi Minh Nguyet, from Hai Phong, said her time was only 10 days. And this is day 6, a very beautiful day compared to her previous travel days when wandering among the Mang Den pine forest. She said: “Our group’s schedule is only for Kon Tum for one day. But the beauty here forces me to recalculate. It’s easy, because I’m the team leader.”

As for Mr. Le Ho Ngan, from Saigon, he said his group’s tour route was to coastal cities in the Central region. Going to Kon Tum was just a whim of the driver. Yet so impressive. Kon Tum is cool, beautiful, and quiet. “I just sent photos and clips home. My daughter sobbed in praise. My wife complimented me and told me to go… if you let loose, went out of line, broke the rules, it turned out well,” he said.

Go to Kon Tum to play with autumn

Pine forest in Mang Den

Leaving the Mang Den pine trees, we stopped at Pa Sy waterfall. Because it is a mountain town, streams are in the town and waterfalls are also in the town. The waterfall is small but the surrounding scenery is beautiful and strange. Stilt houses nestled next to wild banana trees. Along the small paths are countless wildflowers. The tents made of wood are where tourists gather in groups, sit and watch the waterfall, bathe in the breeze and then suddenly get excited and play the guitar. Perhaps that’s why many tourists from neighboring provinces come, including young indigenous people. Beauty and cleanliness are easily seen in this waterfall.
A tourist from Quang Nam said it doesn’t matter how big or small the waterfall is. The problem is that the area around the waterfall must be clean, with no trash from drinking parties. The waterfall is majestic, big and beautiful, but surrounded by trash and garbage, who would come there? Regarding this, Pa Sy waterfall is a place that can be visited a second time.
Kon Tum city has dozens of famous, beautiful and impressive cafes. But perhaps Indochine Coffee at 30 Bach Dang is the most outstanding. The shop is designed with 15 elegant bamboo clusters, inspired by upside-down fish traps. With open architecture, no dividing walls, very airy and elegant, sitting here you can see the distant Dak Bla river and the mountain ranges swirling with morning mist.