Gift of forest incense from Kon Tum


Illustration photo: N.Dang.

Can wine: When coming to Kon Tum, it would be a mistake if visitors could not once enjoy the fragrant, spicy, sweet, not too strong flavor of Can wine here. Can wine is present almost everywhere in the daily life of ethnic minorities: Used in ceremonies to worship gods, village festivals and to entertain guests. The best in the region are: Roaring wine, millet wine , bobo, charcoal sticky rice, white sticky rice, then rice, corn… are made by the hands of the most capable woman in the Kon Tum family from traditional wine yeast. Wine is sold a lot on Bac Kan Street, Kon Tum City.

12.4.11Brocade weaving – Photo: N.Dang.

Brocade: With the skillful hands, carefulness and meticulousness of the women in the family, the brocade of the Ja Rai, Ba Na, Xo Dang ethnic groups… has been created and passed down through many generations. generation. In addition to patterns, motifs, and colors that represent the unique characteristics of each ethnic group, brocade is also a place to express the artistic creativity of women, they can weave familiar creatures or objects. everyday life like birds, flowers, small animals… even your full name. They are truly “talented architects” or skilled “artists” who have brought us useful, unique and diverse products including: blankets, dresses, tablecloths, bags. handbags and other souvenirs.

Mang Le: A familiar rustic dish of Kon Tum people, it can be boiled and dipped in fish sauce when fresh, stir-fried, made into salad or dried to save because it is easy to prepare into many different dishes. There are many types of bamboo shoots taken from the forest, but the most delicious and popular is Mang Le. For a long time, dried bamboo shoots have become an indispensable gift with forest flavor for guests from far away.


Dak Ha coffee brand – Photo: V.Nhien.

Coffee: To enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, with the natural flavor of the sunshine and wind of the North Central Highlands. You cannot ignore the brands Dak Ha Coffee (product reaching Top 500 – “leading products – services in Vietnam”) and Da Vang. These two products are loved by everyone and are chosen as gifts not only because of the strict selection of grain quality and processing techniques but also because of the rich, delicate bitter taste without mixing many flavors. Whether.

Sam String Wine: In addition to the precious Ngoc Linh Ginseng product with superior properties found on the 2,598m high Ngoc Linh peak. Schisandra (Ginseng) – a precious medicine used to improve health, is also found in large quantities on Ngoc Linh Mountain – Kon Tum. The product has been processed into ginseng wine, which is very popular as a gift.

Dried Banana: For a long time, it has been chosen by young people, especially Kon Tum students, as a popular “nutritious, cheap” and easy-to-carry gift for friends when the summer ends or after Tet. Because in addition to the sweet aroma of banana, it is also sweetened with a little sugar water mixed with ginger and sprinkled on tiny white sesame seeds, which looks very eye-catching.

Tuong Lam

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