From “International Fireworks Festival” to local tourism brand

In recent years, when mentioning the beautiful city on the Han River, people mention the Han River swing bridge, Ba Na Hills, Hoi An ancient town,… and cannot help but mention the International Fireworks Festival (Danang International). Fireworks Competition-DIFC) is held around the end of April every year. This year, with the theme “Love of the Han River”, the International Fireworks Festival once again proves its strong attraction, becoming a unique and impressive tourism brand that makes a name for the neighboring city. Han River. From the experience of organizing the National Fireworks Festival, Da Nang poses to many localities the question “How to build a successful tourism brand?”. And that question can only be answered when everything comes from the stage of human resource preparation, to planning, organization and communication.

9.5.2International fireworks festival in Da Nang

Brand is the golden key for tourism

With its inherent characteristics, Da Nang City quickly develops its appeal in marine tourism, ecology, culture,… and is increasingly known as a dynamic, creative, young urban area. hospitable. In recent years, more tourists have come to Da Nang during the holidays of April 30 and May 1 thanks to the International Fireworks Festival. Starting in 2008, the International Fireworks Festival took the theme of Tien Sa Dance, then Echoes of the Han River – 2009, Legend of the Han River – 2010, Sparkling Han River – 2011, Colors of Da Nang – 2012. In 2013, the Da Nang Fireworks Festival with the theme “Love on the Han River” gathered 5 teams: Italy, Japan, Russia, America and Vietnam to offer the audience beautiful fireworks displays. from the most modern equipment and technology in the world. Although the days of the Festival have passed, the city by the Han River still has a lingering echo of the jubilant and bustling atmosphere like the pace of life here, and tourists Still talking about this event a lot. From successfully organizing the International Fireworks Festival for 6 consecutive years, we are forced to recognize this event as a tourism brand with great attraction, building a friendly and dynamic image of Da Nang in the future. tourist eyes. The international fireworks festival has become a “tourist brand”, a favorite destination for domestic and foreign tourists.

To put it simply, tourism brands help tourists recognize outstanding features when deciding to travel to a locality, making them choose quickly and in accordance with their needs. Branding helps the tourism management process become more closely linked based on the evaluation system and customer perceptions, and is also a means of guiding the behavior of tourism businesses. A travel merchant is like a key to provide key information about that place, how outstanding is that place? At the same time, when the brand is built properly, it will contribute to promoting tourists’ need to learn, explore and experience reality. According to tourism researchers: “A tourist attraction is a place of interest, where tourists come to visit, usually for its inherently valuable cultural exhibits, have historical significance, or are built on natural beauty or have recreational opportunities.”

The need to build Kon Tum tourism brand

Kon Tum is blessed by nature, with Mang Den eco-tourism area – considered the second Da Lat. Besides, Kon Tum also has a rich culture built up over many generations by indigenous ethnic groups. land. With great tourism potential, if Kon Tum tourism is not planned and oriented to build a brand, it will lead to indiscriminate exploitation without the right focus, waste of resources, or small tourism development. , slow, not commensurate with potential. Recently, tourism has truly become an important economic sector, exploiting the advantages of tourism resources is an issue that has received consensus from all levels of industry and the whole society. In addition, Kon Tum has policies to attract investment resources for tourism development, creating a system of infrastructure, accommodation facilities, services, means of transport, and human resource training. capacity to meet development requirements in the current period.

9.5.3Celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of Kon Tum province

In fact, the number of international and domestic visitors to Kon Tum has continuously increased rapidly, especially after the province organized a series of major programs such as: Ceremony to receive gong cultural heritage, 100th Anniversary Ceremony. year of Kon Tum’s founding, Kon Tum Ethnic Cultural Festival… The purpose of building a tourism brand is to create a focus, present an appropriate image, create attractiveness, and contain truthful content. about local tourism. When mentioning Hue, people will remember the Hue Festival, mentioning Da Lat as the Flower Festival, Sapa as the Love Market, etc. Each tourism brand is built based on the actual potential and unique strengths of that locality. Building a tourism brand not only distinguishes different tourism directions but also serves tourists with the best and most professional tourism products. A strong tourism brand will create a unique identity and a deep impression on the locality and people, leading to a boost in the economy.

Tourism brand – a house cannot be built overnight…

Abundant tourism potential is a necessary condition to build a tourism brand, but the sufficient condition is also the convergence of human resources, policies, propaganda… It is a process that is carried out synchronously. , coordinate carefully with each other in each stage and each specific area to reach the conclusion that a brand is created. Kon Tum’s ability to have a high-caliber tourism brand is not an easy matter, not something that happens overnight, but must start from a plan with detailed, specific steps.

First of all, it is necessary to shift from developing Kon Tum tourism on a large scale to developing it in depth, taking quality, efficiency, and competitiveness as development goals. The final goal to be achieved is: Kon Tum becomes an attractive destination, with good service, safe, reliable, worth relaxing, exploring and experiencing. In addition to focusing on resort tourism in Mang Den Tourist Area, it is necessary to focus on developing new products based on strengths such as eco-tourism in indigenous ethnic villages. It is also necessary to pay attention to building infrastructure because nowadays tourists are very tired when moving from the city center to remote villages, so it is necessary to build a convenient transportation system. Destination management issues, truly safe, reliable, service quality, environmental hygiene, food safety, human resource quality, the role of meaningful state management agencies decisive on this issue. Another important issue is building and promoting tourism brands. We have Mang Den with excellent climatic conditions that bring together all the outstanding elements of difference, landscape value, ecological diversity, unique culture, and the ability to locate in emotions and feelings. tourist memory. It is necessary to rely on that to build and position a brand for tourism with careful investment in ideas, skills and investment. In the long term, the province needs to develop and diversify tourism forms, in addition to resort products, there must also be eco-tourism, official tourism, cultural tourism, event tourism, etc.

Once the Kon Tum tourism brand is successfully built, it will create many jobs, increase income for people in the province, and change the appearance of the urban area. Not only that, the tourism brand also contributes to turning Kon Tum into a convergence point, a place to meet and organize many domestic and international events./.

Ha Oanh

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