Forgot to eat and sleep to build the largest communal house in the Central Highlands

[Tin Kon Tum] – The incident of the Kon Klor communal house in Thang Loi ward, Kon Tum city, Kon Tum province being played with and burned by a group of students in May 2010 made local people extremely sad. Because not only is the material value of the Kon Klor communal house worth hundreds of millions of dong, but also the contributions of thousands of days of labor by the Ba Na people in the three villages of Kon Klor, Kon Rbang and Kon Tum Pong in the ward. Thang Loi, Kon Tum City, but it also has special cultural value for local people.

Anh2 Nha Rong Lon Nhat Tay Nguyen

This communal house area was chosen by local people for a long time to build with elements of spiritual beliefs, located on a land with hundreds of years old forest trees providing shade all year round next to the road and next to the longest Kon Klor suspension bridge. Kon Tum, crossing Dak Bla river. In particular, in the grounds of Kon Klor communal house, there is also a fig tree that is thousands of years old and is considered the largest and oldest fig tree in the Central Highlands.

Ms. Ngo Thi Hoang Anh – Secretary of the Party Committee of Thang Loi Ward, Kon Tum City, confided that the desire to rebuild Kon Klor communal house on this sacred land was set by the local government from the beginning and fulfilled her wishes. ethnic minorities from villages living in the area. However, it is very difficult to earn billions of dollars to invest in the ward.

Anh1 Nha Rong Lon Nhat Tay Nguyen

Kon Klor communal house has just been completed.

Fortunately, during a meeting with local voters, Mr. Tran Hoan – Chairman of the Board of Directors, cum General Director of Sam Ngoc Linh Joint Stock Company (delegation of Kon Tum Provincial People’s Council, term X) sympathized with the sentiment of the people. People should agree to support all wood and an additional sponsorship amount of 300 million VND to rebuild the communal house to serve the cultural and spiritual activities of the people. According to preliminary calculations, the total cost of the new communal house is worth over 1.6 billion VND, not including thousands of contributions from villagers who voluntarily came to build the communal house.

The scale of the reconstructed Kon Klor communal house is 17m long, 22m high, 6m wide (1m larger than the width and height of the old communal house). Instead of the old communal house’s columns being made of concrete pillars, they are now made of precious wood, according to the wishes and traditional culture of the villagers. After nearly a year of construction, Kon Klor’s new communal house has now been completed and is expected to be inaugurated and put into use on June 19. This is considered the largest communal house in the Central Highlands and has a special geographical location, located next to the largest fig tree in the Central Highlands, thousands of years old.

Looking at the soaring communal roof against the blue Central Highlands sky, decorated with many sophisticated motifs and patterns imbued with the unique traditional culture of the Central Highlands people, has attracted many tourists from all over to come here endlessly. praise.

Artisan A Phok, also the elder of Kon Klor 1 village, who has forgotten to eat and sleep for a whole year to take care of the reconstruction of this Kon Klor communal house, confided: “The villagers of Kon Klor are honored to have completed it.” The largest communal house in the Central Highlands. The next step is to educate young people to remember the cultural traditions left by their ancestors and to preserve them like their own flesh and blood.”

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