Feel the taste of the sea with a 4D3D itinerary in Quy Nhon

The 4D3D discovery journey is specially designed for guests from the Central Highlands to Quy Nhon. Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the natural scenery blending with local culture to create a vivid, colorful picture.

The journey from Pleiku or Kon Tum to Quy Nhon is like a transition movie. From the mountains and forests to the majestic cliffs of Eo Gio, the clear blue water of Ky Co, Cham tower ruins and even daily life in Nhon Hai fishing village. Each place is a unique experience, echoing the harmony of ocean waves, the lullaby of the wind and the warm laughter of the people here.

Quy Nhon

Nhon Hai fishing village leans against the mountains

Detailed itinerary Day 1: Departure to Quy Nhon (Lunch, dinner)

On the first day, visitors will travel from Pleiku or Kon Tum to Quy Nhon. Next, you will be free to rest at FLC hotel and enjoy a luxurious dinner here.

Quy NhonQuy Nhon

FLC Luxury Quy Nhon Hotel

Quy NhonQuy Nhon


Quy Nhon IVIVU 5 1Quy Nhon IVIVU 5 1


Day 2: Explore Ky Co & Eo Gio (3 meals)

The next day, visitors will depart for Ky Co, which is known as “Maldives Vietnam”, and will experience interesting fun activities under the sea such as diving to see coral, kayaking,… Coming to Eo Gio on afternoon to watch the “extremely chill” and peaceful sunset on the sea.

Quy NhonQuy Nhon

Bien Ky Co

Quy Nhon ivivu3Quy Nhon ivivu3

Photo: FB Le Thuy

Quy NhonQuy Nhon

Eo Gio

Quy NhonQuy Nhon

Photo: Kim Dung

Day 3: Thap Doi, Nhon Hai fishing village (3 meals)

On the third day, visitors will visit the Twin Towers and visit Nhon Hai fishing village. Explore local culture and life. Next, go back to the hotel to rest or choose to go to the pet area – FLC open zoo. Let your baby see, feed animals and develop a love for animals through interacting with sheep, horses, goats, and rabbits.

Quy NhonQuy Nhon

Twin Towers in Quy Nhon city. Photo: Vnexpress

Quy Nhon IVIVU 7Quy Nhon IVIVU 7

Nhon Hai fishing village is peaceful about 15 km from Quy Nhon city center, Binh Dinh province

Quy NhonQuy Nhon

Nhon Hai fishing village. Photo: Hien HR

Quy Nhon IVIVU 8Quy Nhon IVIVU 8

Photo: Fb FLC Zoo Safari Park Quy Nhon

Quy Nhon IVIVU 9Quy Nhon IVIVU 9

Touch and feed animals at the zoo

Day 4: Return (Breakfast, lunch)

On the last day, visitors will be able to participate in yoga classes in the early morning, use other services at the hotel such as: dry and wet sauna, swimming pool, beach, golf… before ending the trip.

Quy Nhon IVIVU 10Quy Nhon IVIVU 10

Swimming in the hotel’s swimming pool

Quy Nhon ivivu11Quy Nhon ivivu11

Experience kayaking and SUP at FLC Water Entertainment Center

Quy Nhon ivivu9Quy Nhon ivivu9

Illustration photo: Playing golf

Quy Nhon’s beauty Ky Co – Eo Gio landscape

This is a place with blue sea, white sand and majestic cliffs. Enjoy the sunset and relax with majestic nature, a peaceful destination not to be missed.

Quy NhonQuy Nhon

Nhon Hai fishing village

A peaceful place where fishermen are diligent. Charming scenery with boats docked on the shore, and fresh seafood create the unique charm of the sea.

Quy Nhon IVIVU 11Quy Nhon IVIVU 11

From Nhon Hai fishing village, visitors can take a canoe to Hon Kho

Cham tower ruins

Ancient Champa heritage, standing tall in the green space on the edge of the city. Admire the unique architecture, explore the mysterious culture and history here.

Quy Nhon IVIVU 13Quy Nhon IVIVU 13

Duong Long cham tower cluster is located in Tay Son district, Binh Dinh province. Photo: Vnexpress

Quy Nhon IVIVU 14Quy Nhon IVIVU 14

Banh It Tower is in Phuoc Hiep commune, Tuy Phuoc district, Binh Dinh province

Enjoy fresh seafood

Fresh and delicious, diverse from shrimp, crab, squid to fish, caught right off the coast. Promising a feast of authentic sea flavors for all visitors.

Quy Nhon IVIVU 15Quy Nhon IVIVU 15

Enjoy delicious seafood dishes

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Reference: Kon Tum travel guide

Kon Tum March 29, 2024