Explore the Rong house – the largest house in the Central Highlands

Rong House – a beauty in the nation’s culture that brings many values ​​to the people of the Central Highlands. Let’s explore this traditional beauty with iVIVU!

Explore the Rong house – the largest house in the Central Highlands

This is a typical type of stilt house in the Central Highlands mountains and forests, built on columns a certain distance above the ground or above the water, and is considered a unique architecture of the Central Highlands people. The Rong house is often a gathering place for the village, often found in villages such as Ba Na and Gia Rai in the Northern Central Highlands, especially in the two provinces of Kon Tum and Gia Lai.

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This place has many unique meanings about the spiritual life and spiritual culture of the village. Create intangible cultural beauty for the entire village in general.

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Check-in at Rong’s house in the Central Highlands. Photo: @cuongkhii

About architecture and structure

Rong houses are often used with the main materials being bamboo, grass, and bamboo. Built on large pillars. It is about 15 – 50m high, about 10m long and 4 – 6m wide. The roof of the house is designed in the form of two roofs, using grass and leaves for roofing, the walls are woven with bamboo or bamboo, and the floor is made of wooden planks.

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communal house5The shape of this architecture is often built to resemble the hammer or ax blade of the people here. The height will reach about 8 – 20m, however, there are houses up to 30m high. In terms of width, it will be about 4 – 6m and length is 10m.

Structural features will include: the house frame is supported by 8 large pillars, the base includes 10 – 14 supporting pillars, the floor uses bamboo panels or bamboo, etc. All create Characteristic features of this stilt house architecture.

communal house6The main materials used to build Rong houses are wood, bamboo, leaves, rattan, etc. These are all natural materials easily found in mountainous areas. In particular, the pillars are all large wooden trunks, good wood, ensuring high durability and not being attacked by termites.

The unique feature of Rong house decoration is the image of the sun god. In addition, inside there are also pillars with intricately carved images of the sun, diamond, eight-pointed star, etc. In addition to these unique patterns, inside the main house are also hung many unique items. such as bows and arrows, spears, skulls of wild animals, buffalo horns, etc.

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Nha RongAbout function

This is considered a place for cultural and religious activities of the village, a gathering place for the whole village to perform rituals to worship the Gods such as praying for peace, giving thanks to Yang Xu, etc. Therefore, this place is a place for cultural and religious activities of all villagers with unique characteristics that are not found everywhere.

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Photo: vnexpress

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Not only is it a place containing cultural features of the people, the Rong house is also the headquarters of the village’s administrative apparatus. Besides, this place is also used by the Central Highlands community to propose farming plans, production activities and to organize ceremonies to pray to the gods for the most bountiful harvest year.

Besides, the Rong house is also the place to witness the growth of each child of the village. This place will be the place to perform the birth ceremony, get married, and witness the most important events.

Address to visit the largest Rong house in the Central Highlands: Kon Klor village (Thang Loi Ward, Kon Tum City, Kon Tum Province).