Explore the Kon Tum wooden church that is more than 100 years old

Kon Tum Cathedral wooden church – a treasure located in the middle of the vast mountains and forests of the Central Highlands, is a very unique religious architectural work that is up to centuries old, and is the pride of Kon Tum people for generations. .

Kon Tum Wooden Church – the rustic name that people here often call because this project is built entirely of Cypress wood. This is considered the most ancient and beautiful relic of this beautiful city.

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Kon Tum wooden church (Photo: Collected)

The church is located on Nguyen Hue street, Kon Tum city, Kon Tum province, built in 1913, completed in 1918 and still exists today.

Kon Tum Xua tho house 1 e1505295225295 3Ancient Cathedral (Photo: Collected)

Kon Tum Cathedral was designed and initiated by a French priest. The church’s architecture is designed in harmony between Roman architecture and the wooden stilt houses of the Ba Na people. A unique combination of Western culture and online culture imbued with the national identity of the Central Highlands region.

house tho go kon tum 3 e1505295517294 2Kon Tum wooden church is a combination of European architecture and wooden stilt houses of the Central Highlands people (Photo: Collected)

Nha Tho go Kon Tum 9 e1505295577102 2The church roof is designed according to the typical stilt house architecture of the Ba Na people (Photo: Collected)

The materials used to build the church are also very special, not made of stone like Phat Diem stone church (Ninh Binh), nor made of bricks or reinforced concrete like other churches, but completely made of the best wood. at the time. Ca chit (red bamboo) – a typical wood of the Central Highlands used mainly in the construction of churches. Through the skillful hands of artisans from Binh Dinh, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai… the project was erected, the wooden panels were glued together with tenons without using nails. The church is the only remaining Basilica-style wooden masterpiece in the world.

go ca chit nha tho go kon tum e1505295679700 2Cypress wood is used to build churches (Photo: Collected)

house tho go kon tum 4 e1505295731232 2The church is covered in a warm brown color of red oak wood (Photo: Collected)

The entire church is a closed building with a harmonious layout including: synagogue, reception house, exhibition house, communal house, orphanage, carpentry facility, sewing facility, and brocade weaving facility.

The church is always open for visitors to visit every day. In the campus there is a statue of Bishop Martial Jannin Phuoc – the first Bishop in Kon Tum. This is a French bishop who made great contributions to evangelization and the establishment of the Apostolic Diocese of Kon Tum.

Similar to the size of investment capital in Kon Tum e1505295817988 2Statue of Bishop Martial Jannin Phuoc placed in the church grounds (Photo: Collected)

Outside, the main face of the church is 24m high, divided into four floors, the higher it gets, the smaller it gets. The second floor has glass frames forming circular windows, creating a brilliant look for the church. At the top is a wooden cross showing the majesty of the cathedral.

front of house tho go to kon tum e1505295897844 2The main facade of the wooden church when traveling to Kon Tum (Photo: Collected)

Entering the cathedral, you will feel admiration for the people who built this masterpiece. The rows of columns are connected together by arcs to form a dome shape, opening up a wide, high and airy space. The glossy black wooden pillars are decorated with many unique patterns, imbued with the cultural identity of the sunny and windy highlands, bringing a very close feeling.

Ben inside the house tho go kon tum e1505295970316 2

inside house tho go kon tum 2 e1505296017470 2Inside Kon Tum wooden church (Photo: Collected)

house tho go kon tum 5 e1505296064415 2The details inside the church are exquisitely carved (Photo: Collected)

On the wooden walls, there are glass windows depicting biblical legends in many bright colors.

economic painting on hair color in the house tho go kon tum3 e1505296140311 2

Nha Tho go Kon Tum 7 e1505296150572 1

house tho go kon tum 8 e1505296159186 1Colorful glass paintings (Photo: Collected)

On the second floor of the cathedral, there is a traditional room that stores artifacts, autographs, and documents recounting the history of the missionary process in Kon Tum from the second half of the 19th century and the development of religion to this day.

intermediary airport Nha Tho go kon tum1 e1505296223252 1Display space inside Kon Tum wooden church (Photo: Collected)

You can come to explore this unique church at any time of the year. If you come during the pea flower blooming season, you will see the pink mixed with white colors of the long flower paths. If you come during Christmas, you will be immersed in the bustling atmosphere when thousands of parishioners from all over the region gather here to celebrate and pray. During the holidays, small markets also take place, selling handicraft products made by people from the villages. If you go to church on normal days, don’t be sad, you will feel the peace and quietness that has something very unique, making your soul more relaxed after the chaos of life out there.

not when born at home tho go kon tum 2 e1505296305663 1Christmas atmosphere at Kon Tum wooden church (Photo: Collected)

After centuries, the church still stands proudly despite the storms and rain, like the indomitable spirit of the people of the Central Highlands. This is definitely an attractive tourist destination that you cannot miss when coming to Kon Tum.