Explore Koi To waterfall

The beauty of Kon Pring community tourism village, Kon Tum

Along Provincial Road 677, through winding roads between mountains on one side and the gentle, poetic Dak Koi river on the other, where villages nestle peacefully among the vast green mountains, we We begin the journey to discover the majestic and wild beauty of Koi To waterfall.

Explore Koi To waterfall Tourists visit Koi To Waterfall (photo: ML)

KoiTo Waterfall (also known as HoTo Waterfall), is located near Kon Trang No-Kon Blo village, Dak Koi commune, about 26 km from Kon Ray district center, about 2 km northwest of commune center.

After passing through a residential suspension bridge across the Dak Koi river and around Kon Trang No village, a small winding concrete road leads to the waterfall amidst the vast green of the stretching terraced fields. Layer by layer, each layer creates a peaceful, poetic, and beautiful scene.

Explore Koi To waterfall Vast green rice fields lead the way to Koi To waterfall (photo: ML)

Standing from afar, we can hear the murmuring sound of the waterfalls hitting the rapids. A little closer, we can recognize the white waterfall like a soft silk strip across, dotting the deep green mountains.

Even though it is the middle of the dry season, the amount of water in Koi To is still clear and blue, each stream of water flows strongly, spreading through each cliff, creating white, sparkling, majestic flows among the vast mountains. Between the wide rocky beaches, where the water flows through, are countless small lakes creating excellent natural baths; Soaking in the cool water, enjoying the caress of the waves, immersing yourself in the peaceful scenery of nature is an experience not to be missed by visitors coming here.

Although it is still a growing tourist destination, every weekend or holiday, Koi To waterfall welcomes many visitors to experience and explore the nature here.

Explore Koi To waterfall Explore Koi To waterfall Countless natural bathing pools at the foot of the waterfall (photo: ML)

With the orientation of tourism development towards sustainable community tourism development in the area as one of the fundamental, long-term solutions for local socio-economic development. The local government of Dak Koi commune and indigenous people have also planned to make efforts in the near future to develop Koi To waterfall into an attractive destination in the tourism map of Kon Tum province.

Article and photos: Mang Linh/Kon Tum Center for Tourism Development and Promotion


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