Dak Uy special-use forest

Dak Uy special-use forestDak Uy special-use forest is 25 km north of Kon Tum city, along Highway 14 in Dak Mar commune, Ha Mon – Dak Ha district.

Dak Uy special-use forest has an area of ​​690 hectares, located in a fairly flat terrain, convenient in terms of transportation and other advantages.

Dak Uy special-use forest has many mixed types of precious wood, such as rosewood, rosewood, rosewood,… Here, medicinal plants and flowers are also very rich and diverse such as Amomum, Nam ginseng,… , in this area there are many precious animals living… The forest has many bird species such as: white stork, cauldron, barracuda, black starling, wild chicken… creating a rich and lively feature for an eco-tourism area.

With the advantages of tourism development, Dak Uy special-use forest is now a place that attracts a large number of tourists to visit, organize cultural and artistic activities, and especially schools in the province regularly. organize for students to come here to visit and learn about precious woods, animals and plants to raise students’ awareness of forest protection, nature protection and ecological environment.

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