Come to Kon Tum to enjoy Cricket specialties

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Grilled cricket dish of the Xe Dang people

Cricket dishes are quite strange to people in the delta, but with Kon Tum ethnic minorities, dishes made from crickets have become familiar and very popular. There are many types of crickets such as rice crickets, charcoal crickets, fire crickets, etc. but to prepare dishes, only rice crickets are delicious. Rice crickets are twice as big as our crickets, have a light yellow color, and have a body twice as big as the rice crickets we often see. After a period of hiding from the sweltering heat of summer, buried deep in the ground, each rice cricket is fat and round and slow, making it easy to catch. I arrived at Kon Ktu village – an ancient village right next to Kon Tum city, early in the morning many girls and boys were calling each other to catch crickets, in their hands were cloth bags used to hold crickets, and a tiny hoe. . Following little A Nhi to catch crickets, I really found this unique experience interesting. Climbing up a fairly high hill right near the Dak Bla River, A Nhi looked around, then quickly broke off a blade of grass about 20 – 30 cm long, poked it into a few tiny holes with her fingers, and picked the blade of grass. After just a few strokes, a cricket groped its way out. It seemed like the cricket was so “tickled” by the grass that it couldn’t stay long in the cave. As for large and deep caves, you can dig them with a pickaxe and catch them one by one very quickly. If you encounter a cricket cave with many doors, cover the nooks and crannies with soil and then flood it with water so that the crickets can emerge. These crickets are usually almost as big as a big toe, with firm and fatty flesh. Few people know that crickets are an extremely nutritious dish, containing mostly protein and no fat, so they are even better for health. Nutritional composition according to molecular research at Iowa State University (Entomology Department) recorded that 100 g of edible part of Cricket contains: 121 mg calories, 12.9 g protein, 5.5 g fat, 5.1 g carbohydrates, 75.8mg alcium, 9.5mg iron (The amount of calcium in 4 crickets is equivalent to 1 glass of milk)

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Crickets are sold on the streets of Kon Tum

We sat down to rest on the riverbank. A Nhi quickly took out the cricket bag, carefully removed the leg spines, kept the fat round thighs, cut off the wings and tail, squeezed out all the intestines, washed them thoroughly and dried them on the stove. Banana leaves to drain. Meanwhile, I lit a small fire. The fire was added with a little soap, so it caught fire very quickly and burned brightly. A Nhi chose the biggest ones, with yellow bodies and plump bodies, used a small and long piece of bamboo to pierce straight from the tail to the head and then placed it on the burning coals. A Nhi reminded me to turn my hands continuously when grilling, to avoid burning the cricket legs, drying them out, and breaking easily. In just a moment, a fragrant smell arose, and the crickets were ripe and attractively golden in color. I gently removed each hot cricket and placed it on a fresh banana leaf. I took advantage of the opportunity to pick some green mangoes, crab claw leaves, wild chili, added a little wild salt and pepper, and placed them around. Take a fragrant cricket, add some vegetables, roll some chili, dip in salt, the cricket meat is both fragrant and crispy, chew carefully and you will find it fatty mixed with a bit of sweetness and sweetness, attractive. Like many people, at first I was very shy when it came to cricket dishes, but when I saw with my own eyes the delicious, prepared dishes being served, all my shyness disappeared immediately, because Unique flavor, very easy to eat and not at all scary as initially imagined.

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Crickets are sold at Ba Trieu street along with local vegetables

A Nhi told me that in the past, ethnic people only had grilled or simply fried crickets, but now they know how to process them into many other dishes such as crispy breaded crickets, stuffed with roasted peanuts, cricket salad, and crickets. Roasted tamarind… extremely strange but has a wonderfully delicious flavor. With crispy breaded crickets, after cleaning, marinate with seasoning powder, sugar, and cooking oil to absorb the spices, stuff peanuts into the belly so that when cooked, it looks beautifully plump and the flavor is also enhanced. . Marinate the crickets in rich fish sauce, dip the crickets in a bowl of flour, then drop them into a pan of frying oil. Take them out and enjoy in just a few minutes. The special thing when frying crickets is that you add less oil, because the crickets themselves contain a lot of oil, if you add too much oil, it will make you feel greasy and difficult to eat. When frying, minimize stirring to avoid breaking the cricket’s claws and body. Just stir the pan evenly over moderate heat. Bite lightly into a cricket, eat with herbs, cucumbers, tomatoes and a cup of rich chili-garlic fish sauce, or a cup of chili sauce, the dough is crispy, fragrant and the rich, nutty peanut flavor goes well together. . For ethnic minorities, the way to prepare cricket meat is simple but retains the delicious taste and natural aroma. Thanks to its uniqueness, cricket dishes are no longer stuck in the villages but have spread to the cities. If you have thoroughly enjoyed this specialty dish, I will tell you an address on many streets of Kon Tum city such as Ba Trieu street, Phan Dinh Phung street, Tran Phu street,… around August and September of the solar calendar. Many ethnic people sell crickets. They are strung into long slices and placed right on the roadside. Wild rice crickets have firmer meat that is much tastier than farmed crickets.

Crickets live in nature, dig burrows, eat weeds, drink dew water to grow, and are a source of raw materials to prepare specialties. Enjoy them once and you will remember them forever. Coming to the mountain town of Kon Tum, don’t forget to try these unique dishes to feel the fragrant, fleshy, rich taste without being greasy, accentuating the aroma of can wine for an even more delicious taste./.

Ha Oanh