Colorful flowers in the mountain town of Kon Tum

[Tin Kon Tum] – Anyone who has ever set foot in Kon Tum, when going away, remembers the mountain town, remembers the passionate scent of Can wine, remembers the sharp brocade, remembers the unique taste of leaf salad, and people remember… the beauty The radiance and beauty of April canary flowers. The flower only blooms for a month, but it is enough to fill the nostalgia and satisfy the eyes that love this beautiful flower. You can pass by the streets filled with yellow flowers such as: Ba Trieu, Le Hong Phong, Tran Phu, Nguyen Hue,… Standing on the top of the slope, looking down are two rows of brilliant Canaries flowers, parallel to each other. like two silk strips still in the sun. In the past, Canaries grew wild in wild forests. Every time April knocked on the door, the beautiful yellow flowers bloomed, punctuating the brilliance under the canopy of the green jungle, interspersed among the houses. beautiful floor. Then, with its beauty, Canaries gradually appeared on the streets, beautifying the beauty of the beautiful small city. The tree has a wide canopy, grows quickly, is not too tall and has strong, horizontal roots, so the Canary Bird is very interested and given attention to develop more as a landscape tree and street tree.

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Canary’s scientific name is: Cassia fistula, belongs to the Vang subfamily of the Bean family, also known as Empress Cassia, Lantern Flower, Water Scorpion, Yellow Scorpion, Osaka, String Apricot, Late Spring Tree, Blooming Apricot late. This flower is native to southern Asia, from Pakistan east through India to Southeast Asia and south to Sri Lanka. In Vietnam, Canaries grow in sparse forests in the Central Highlands provinces such as Gia Lai, Kon Tum, and Dak Lak. The inflorescence is large, many flowers but sparse, the petals are oval on the outside covered with silky hairs, with 5 bright yellow petals with a wide oval shape, the anthers are covered with short hairs. All year round the tree casts a lush green shadow. In March every year, it begins to shed its leaves, leaving only its spindly branches. Then from the tree trunk, flower buds from 20 to 40cm long shoot down, slowly showing off their brilliant colors… When the first cassia flower branches in the mountain town bloom, the wheels of every passerby seem to slow down. , slow down…to feast your eyes on this beautiful flower. Among them, there is no shortage of students and students, standing together under the trees, taking photos to record profound memories. I don’t remember how many times I stopped the car and stood in a daze watching the Canaries blooming in swaying jars. I just remember that the first time I saw the fragile, beautiful golden wings, I vowed to give my love and longing to the Canary. Then every time March comes, every time the tree sheds all its green leaves, leaving only sinewy, spindly branches, my heart is filled with indescribable excitement… I wait, waiting for the little bunch of flowers. tiny, elongated, growing bigger, and blooming brightly.

Cinnamon is not only a favorite flower in Vietnam but is also considered the national flower of Thailand and is called here Dok recommended or Atchaphruek, with yellow symbolizing the Thai royal family. At the 2006 Flower Festival, Royal Flora Ratchaphruek was named after this plant. In India, the Canary Bird is called Kanikkonna is the symbolic flower of the state of Kerala in India. The Canaries flower has ceremonial importance during the Vishu festival, is worshiped during the festival and is also printed on a 20 rupee stamp.

In April, I entered the lovely little mountain town, I wandered on Ba Trieu slope, Nguyen Trai alley, then passed Nguyen Hue street, to Le Hong Phong… I was intoxicated with the nostalgia of my heart, letting my soul wander along the wings. Canary flowers. Then, when the flower season was about to fade and petals fell and scattered all over the alley, I felt a lingering sadness in my heart, regret for the fragile, elegant beauty. I will keep for myself each cluster of April Hoang Yen flowers, intact and lovely in my heart.

Ha Oanh