Central Highlands Tour 3D3D: Explore mysterious nature

During the Tet Giap Thin holiday with the 3D3D tour of the Central Highlands, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the places, dishes and unique architecture on this plateau.

Kon Tum wooden church
Tour of the Central HighlandsTour of the Central Highlands

Kon Tum wooden church – the first destination in this Central Highlands tour.

Spring travel with the 3D3D tour of the Central Highlands begins with the location of Kon Tum wooden church. Also considered a cathedral designed and initiated by a French priest. The architecture is designed in harmony between Roman architecture and wooden stilt houses of the Ba Na people. The unique combination of Western culture and online culture imbues the Central Highlands national identity.

Inside Kon Tum wooden churchInside Kon Tum wooden church

Inside Kon Tum wooden church.

The materials used to build the church are also very special. Not made of stone like Phat Diem stone church (Ninh Binh) nor made of bricks or reinforced concrete but completely made of the best wood of that time. The entire church is a closed building with a harmonious layout including: synagogue, reception house, exhibition house, communal house, orphanage, carpentry facility, sewing facility, and brocade weaving facility.

Tay Nguyen tour 3d3d ivivu1Tay Nguyen tour 3d3d ivivu1

Photo: @yuu.yenn

Mang Den
Tour of the Central HighlandsTour of the Central Highlands

The road to Mang Den town in the middle of a pine forest. Photo: Mangdentrongtoi.

The next beautiful destination on the journey is Mang Den. The place is considered an “ecological paradise” due to its mild climate and many flora and fauna systems. Here, there are three lakes and seven mountains that are considered the “muse” of Kon Tum. Traveling to Mang Den, you will travel on a beautiful road. With vast pine forests on both sides and the sweet scent of forest flowers.

tay nguyen 3d3d ivivu3 tourtay nguyen 3d3d ivivu3 tour

Photo: @phuongtali_2709

Pa Sy Waterfall
Central Highlands Tour 3D3NCentral Highlands Tour 3D3N

The beauty of Pa Sy waterfall.

During the 3D3N tour of the Central Highlands, visitors can also admire the beautiful beauty of Pa Sy waterfall. Just passing through the gate of Pa Sy tourist area, you will be impressed with the rich primeval forests. Here, there are statue gardens with many extremely special works sculpted by human hands.

Leaving the wooden statue garden, continue through the forest down the stone steps to reach Pa Sy waterfall. Gradually, the scene of Pa Sy waterfall appeared before our eyes like a “fairy” hiding among the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands. The strong stream of water pouring down from the 40m high peak creates a white mist of water below, you will feel very small before this majestic scene. Around the waterfall are leaf huts for visitors to rest and enjoy the space of this place.

tay nguyen tour 3d3d ivivu6tay nguyen tour 3d3d ivivu6

Photo: @doublev.178

Khanh Lam Pagoda
Central Highlands Tour 3D3DCentral Highlands Tour 3D3N

Outside Khanh Lam Pagoda.

Returning to the Central Highlands, stop by Khanh Lam Pagoda to offer incense and pray for peace. The architecture of Khanh Lam pagoda includes rooms such as the main hall, Tay Lan and Dong Lan houses, bell tower, drum floor and guest houses, monks’ houses,… combined with the inherent wild space of the mountains and forests to create into an extremely majestic and solemn space. This place is very suitable for those who love quiet and peace.

Tour of the Central HighlandsTour of the Central Highlands

A ceremony at Khanh Lam Pagoda.

Tay Nguyen tour 3d3d ivivu8Tay Nguyen tour 3d3d ivivu8

Architecture of the temple.

Our Lady of the Black Mountain
Tour of the Central HighlandsTour of the Central Highlands

Statue of Our Lady of the Black Mountain.

Our Lady of Mang Den is a relic and Catholic pilgrimage site of Kon Tum diocese. This statue was brought to Kon Tum by helicopter. Currently, this area still has traces of the old field airport. The statue is made of reinforced concrete and is about 1 meter high. The statue is placed on a cement pedestal made of natural pebbles, surrounded by flowers and a thanksgiving stele. The body of the statue has the appearance of Our Lady of Fatima, but the head resembles an image of a Central Highlands woman and has no hands. This is considered an attractive destination in the 3D3D tour of the Central Highlands to welcome Tet full of life.

Hundred-year-old pine forest, Gia Lai
Tour of the Central HighlandsTour of the Central Highlands

The hundred-year-old pine road is located near Bien Ho, Pleiku, Gia Lai. Photo: Bui Van Hai.

The hundred-year-old pine forest in Gia Lai is an attractive place loved by many tourists. Here, you will be overwhelmed with tall pine trees on both sides of the road. Every time the wind passes, you will hear a pleasant, melodious whisper. The best time to take photos is at dawn, when the morning dew has not yet completely dissipated. You will feel the first rays of sunlight filtering through each impressive tree branch.

Tonle Sap Lake
Central Highlands Tour 3D3NCentral Highlands Tour 3D3D

A corner of Tonle Sap Lake with the statue of Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva. Photo: Phan Nguyen/Vnexpress.

Tonle Sap Lake, a place called “Pleiku eyes” with clear, poetic blue water. The climate is extremely cool, an area of ​​nearly 300 hectares, located at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level. The scenery here makes many hearts feel excited about the exciting journey. This is a masterpiece of nature, the pride of the people of Gia Lai in particular and the Central Highlands in general.

Tour of the Central HighlandsTour of the Central Highlands

Corridor to protect Tonle Sap Lake. Photo: Phuong Vi.

Ako Dhong village
Tour of the Central HighlandsTour of the Central Highlands

Check-in at Ako Dhong village. Photo: @haitran425.

Ako Dhong is considered a wealthy village of Dak Lak. This village is also known as Co Thon village. This is where the Ede people live with traditional long stilt houses and tomb statues.

Coming here, you will have the feeling of enjoying peace from the space to the beautiful scenery. Have the opportunity to learn about and immerse yourself in the traditional lifestyle and activities of the Ede people. This is a destination that you must definitely visit when coming to Buon Me Thuot city.

tay nguyen 3d3d tour ivivu22tay nguyen 3d3d tour ivivu22

Photo: @trg_bg_323

Sac Tu Khai Doan Pagoda
Tour of the Central HighlandsTour of the Central Highlands

Outside the temple

During the 3D3D tour of the Central Highlands, tourists will visit Khai Doan Pagoda – the largest ancient pagoda in Buon Ma Thuot city. This is not only the first temple of a Buddhist organization in Dak Lak. This is also the last temple in Vietnam to be awarded the status of feudal status.

Tay Nguyen tourTay Nguyen tour

Unique architecture of the temple

tay nguyen tour 3d3d ivivu30tay nguyen tour 3d3d ivivu30

On the right side of the main hall, there is also a bell tower with a large bell hanging.

Khai Doan Pagoda is designed in the style of Hue communal house architecture combined with Central Highlands stilt houses. Besides, there is also a bit of modern architecture mixed in. The pagoda has a main yellow-brown color tone, creating an ancient, elegant and extremely impressive look. Visitors can admire the entire ancient pagoda, with its curved tiled roof, in harmony with the beautiful nature.

Ta Dung tourist area
Central Highlands Tour 3D3NCentral Highlands Tour 3D3D

Ta Dung tourist area

The final destination in the 3D3D tour of the Central Highlands is Ta Dung tourist area. The place is known as “Ha Long Bay of the Central Highlands”. Located in Ta Dung nature reserve in Dak Nong province. Geographically, Ta Dung lake belongs to both Dak Som commune and Dak P’lao commune. This place impresses domestic and foreign tourists with its majestic natural beauty. The lush green lakes create an “artistic masterpiece” that is nothing more unique.

tay nguyen tour 3d3d ivivu31 1tay nguyen tour 3d3d ivivu31 1

Bird’s nest – beautiful check-in point in the tourist area. Photo: @misa5104.