Bustling canoe racing festival on Po Co river in Gia Lai

This is an activity in the series of events of the Culture and Tourism Week of Gia Lai province in 2023.

Since ancient times, dugout canoes have been an important means of daily life for the Jrai ethnic minority people in the Central Highlands.

The boat was hand-carved by local people from large hollow tree stumps. These dugout boats are the Jrai people’s means of transportation and fishing on the river.


The bustling atmosphere of the dugout boat racing festival on Po Co River (Photo: Chi Anh).

During the resistance war against the Americans to save the country, the villagers’ dugout canoes were often used to transport food, weapons, ammunition and take thousands of our soldiers across the river to fight the enemy; contributing to the glorious victories of our army and people in the resistance war against America to save the country.

Over time, dugout boats have disappeared from the border river. In order to preserve and preserve, the People’s Committee of Ia Grai district organized a dugout boat racing festival on the Po Co river.


This year’s boat racing festival has 39 teams competing (Photo: Chi Anh).


The Gong Cultural Festival brings together many artisans and people to participate (Photo: Chi Anh).

The dugout boat racing festival on the Po Co River competing for the A Sanh Cup took place at the mudflats of Dang village (Ia O commune). This year’s boat racing festival has 39 participating teams (an increase of 9 teams compared to last year) from communes, towns, schools, and military units located in Ia Grai district and Kon Tum province.

Accordingly, each boat will have 2 athletes, competing on the 1,000m long racetrack. The 8 best teams will be selected to enter the Class A final round; The remaining teams will participate in the Class B finals. The closing ceremony and awards ceremony will take place at noon on November 18.

In parallel with the dugout boat racing activity, the Gong Cultural Festival of Ia Grai district attracted more than 13 gong teams in the area to participate.


The sound of gongs along with the knocking of dugout canoes made the festival more exciting in the border area (Photo: Chi Anh).

Mr. Le Ngoc Quy, Chairman of Ia Grai District People’s Committee, shared that the Canoe Racing Festival on Po Co River and the Gong Cultural Festival are held annually to preserve and promote traditions and unique cultural beauty. .

Thereby, promoting the development of tourism services, creating jobs, contributing to local socio-economic development.

This is an opportunity for the district to promote its image and introduce to tourists from near and far its unique cultural features and beautiful tourist attractions such as fishing village, Mo waterfall, A Sanh ferry wharf, Chu Nghe Victory Relic Area, and Chu Nghe waterfall. 3 floors, 9 floors waterfall, Dwarf forest…

Coming to the festival, visitors can experience and explore the amazing and wild natural beauty, where the mountains and rivers blend with the sound of gongs, the sound of gongs next to the flickering firelight and captivating sinus melodies.