Awakening Kon Tum’s tourism potential


Communal house – Spiritual space of ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands.

(Photo: Van Phuong)

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As a land rich in beauty and cultural diversity, Kon Tum is considered to have special potential to develop many types of tourism.

Kon Tum is a land with a revolutionary tradition, many historical relics are ranked at national level: Kon Tum Prison, Dak Glei Prison, Dak To – Tan Canh Victory…

In addition to the value of natural, humanistic and historical resources in Kon Tum province, there are also works and architectural relics with unique cultural and artistic value: Kon Tum wooden church is a remarkable monument. architectural process of harmonious combination of East – West architecture; Kon Tum Bishop’s House where many publications and spiritual cultural memorabilia of the indigenous people are displayed and stored; Bac Ai Pagoda was ordained by King Bao Dai as “The four Bac Ai pagodas”…

The Indochina junction – a three-border border milestone (Vietnam – Laos – Cambodia) is today becoming very attractive to tourists on their journey to visit Kon Tum – the northernmost tip of Vietnam’s Central Highlands. From the border junction marker, visitors have the opportunity to see the panoramic view of the Indochina junction land. Tourists who want to visit Laos and Cambodia can complete exit procedures at the Bo Y International Border Gate Joint Control Station.

Kon Tum has a very large water surface area, including Ya Ly hydroelectric lake and Plei Krong hydroelectric lake, creating charming landscapes and beautiful scenery. Dakbla River, flowing through Kon Tum city, gives visitors interesting experiences on dugout boats skillfully carved from large trees by the indigenous people here along both sides. On the banks of the river are villages with stilt houses, traditional communal houses…

Located at an altitude of 2,596m above sea level, Ngoc Linh Mountain in Ngoc Linh Nature Reserve is the highest mountain in the Central Highlands, where rare flora and fauna are preserved, of which Ngoc Linh ginseng is a medicinal herb. precious endemic materials of Vietnam and the world. Ngoc Linh Nature Reserve is considered one of four major biodiversity treasures of Vietnam. Chu Mom Ray National Park is located in the west of Kon Tum province, adjacent to Vina Chay National Park (Cambodia), and Dong An Pha Natural Reserve (Laos). This is a national park with biodiversity. highest in the system of national parks across the country, recognized as a heritage park of Southeast Asia.

In particular, Mang Den national eco-tourism area is blessed by nature with a fresh and pure climate, with an average temperature of 180C – 200C. Because of those unique natural conditions, Mang Den has become a resort destination for many domestic and foreign tourists. With many beautiful lakes, waterfalls, vast green pine trees, cultural life of indigenous people, cold-country flowers, salmon, silkworm fish… all create a strong unique attraction for tourists when coming to Mang. Black.

Orientation for Kon Tum tourism development

Resolution of the 14th Kon Tum Provincial Party Congress has set out the socio-economic development orientation of Kon Tum province to 2020, mobilizing domestic and foreign resources for investment, cooperation, and joint investment and development. Tourism in Kon Tum province, at the same time enhancing promotional activities and introducing images of Kon Tum to domestic and foreign tourists to attract domestic and international tourists to Kon Tum. In recent years, the tourism industry has made great strides in development, especially after the Central Highlands and Central Coast provinces implemented linkages and cooperation in tourism development. The number of tourists to Kon Tum province increased by an average annual rate of 26.5%. Has gradually planned, invested in infrastructure and exploited a number of attractive tourist routes and destinations among 68 cultural and historical tourist attractions, 10 revolutionary historical relics and 21 tourist attractions. ecotourism and resort destination.

Based on the advantages of geographical location, resources… to effectively exploit inherent potentials, Kon Tum tourism industry needs to promote the implementation of development solutions, more suitable to real requirements. see off.

First of all, Kon Tum tourism needs detailed planning to develop a number of outstanding tourist destinations in the province’s driving economic regions, promoting the construction and development of community tourism in local villages. native to Kon Tum city and Kon Plong district; Developing tourism in a sustainable direction, associated with hunger eradication and poverty reduction for residents in the region.

Positioning and building the Kon Tum tourism brand, improving the effectiveness of information, promotion, and introducing potential to attract tourists and investors, promoting joint development programs Traveling with the Central Highlands provinces, the Central Coast provinces (Da Nang, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, Binh Dinh), with the capital Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, making Kon Tum a stopover station important in tourist routes: Central Highlands Green Road, Heritage Road, development triangle area…

At the same time, it is necessary to increase investment and attract investment in tourism from many economic sectors, gradually upgrade the transportation system, tourism infrastructure and technical services, and improve the quality of human resources. community awareness and awareness about tourism.

Realizing the content of tourism development cooperation agreed at the development triangle regional conferences: Conference on cooperation to develop the East – West, Mountain – Sea economic axis through Bo Y International Border Gate; Conference of the Joint Coordination Committee of the three countries Cambodia – Laos – Vietnam (CLV8); Greater Mekong Subregion Conference (GMS)… Actively expand and participate in domestic and international tours and travel routes, especially the Vietnam – Laos – Thailand international travel route .

With breakthrough solutions, it is hoped that Kon Tum will develop reasonable investment incentive policies, as well as have solutions for human resource training, investment in infrastructure development and corresponding support services. … Implementing synchronously, rapidly and sustainably developing the tourism industry will create momentum for Kon Tum’s tourism industry to develop strongly, making tourism an important economic sector of the province and an attractive destination of the region. Central Highlands and the Development Triangle region.

Van Phat

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