Admire the Kon Klor suspension bridge between the majestic land and sky of Kon Tum

On your trip to Kon Tum, you cannot forget to visit the Kon Klor suspension bridge – One of the large industrial bridges dotted among the majestic Central Highlands forests.


Located in Kon Klor village, Kon Tum town, Kon Klor suspension bridge across Dak Bla river was built in 1993 and took more than 1 year to complete. With a length of 292m and a width of 4.5, Kon Klor suspension bridge is the largest and most beautiful industrial suspension bridge in the Central Highlands.

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Kon Klor suspension bridge (Photo: Collected)

The Kor Klor suspension bridge impresses visitors with its striking orange color amid the hot yellow sunshine of the Western weather. The bridge silhouettes majestically under the calm water of the Dak Bla River. Surrounding the bridge are majestic high mountains covered with green mulberry fields of Kon Tum people.

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(Photo: Collected)

Visiting the Kon Klor bridge, you will be amazed by the bridge built entirely of solid iron and steel surrounding the majestic Central Highlands mountains and forests covered with green mulberry fields. From here, you can admire the Dak Bla River gently flowing like a shimmering silk strip in the heart of Kon Tum and admire the incredibly peaceful and relaxing scenery of rice fields and corn fields.

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Admire the peaceful scenery of the Central Highlands on the Kon Klor bridge (Photo: Collected)

In the late afternoons, after a day of hard work, people begin to rush home to carts filled with cassava harvested during the day. Previously, when the Kon Klor suspension bridge had not been built, Kon Tum people had to wade across the river every time they wanted to go to the other bank. On days when the water level is high, rowing a boat across the river is extremely difficult and dangerous.

But with the appearance of the Kon Klor suspension bridge, the lives of Kon Tum people have changed significantly. People began to transport food and goods between the two countries more easily. Children do not have to go to school every day on dangerous boats but can freely play on the large bridge across their hometown river. The construction of the Kon Klor bridge not only has cultural value, bringing people on both banks closer together, but also has great economic value by making trade more convenient and easier.

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Kon Klor suspension bridge has helped the daily lives of Kon Tum people (Photo: Collected)

Stepping across the other side of the bridge, you can visit the Bah Nar ethnic village with its special cultural traditions. The villages are covered with the immense green of banana gardens and coffee gardens typical of the Central Highlands, creating a peaceful and uniquely beautiful village scene that is unforgettable. When night falls, try experiencing cultural activities with the people here next to the flickering fire and sipping warm cups of wine. Surely you will feel the friendliness and hospitality of the people here!