A peaceful Christmas season


The reporter recorded some pictures of this year’s Christmas in Kon Tum city:

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Phuong Nghia Church

12.27.1327122010 152650 12.27.1427122010 152730 Tan Huong Church 12.27.1527122010 152753 12.27.1627122010 152928 Vo Lam Church 12.27.1727122010 153012 12.27.1827122010 153057 Anh Vay Wooden Church 12/27/1927122010 153132 12/27/2027122010 153221 The joyful atmosphere of celebrating Christmas filled the streets and poured into every Catholic family

P/s photo: Ton Bao.

Type: Travel news Published: December 27, 2010 8:00 AM ItemStatus: 3 TopItem: Are not ItemImg: http://kontum.gov.vn/_layouts/LacVietBIO/fckUploadKontum_ThanhPho/Photo December 2010/27.12.1427122010_154815.JPG ItemShortContent: Another year has passed, along with more than 6 million Catholics throughout the country, Kon Tum Catholics are excited to welcome a peaceful Christmas season 2011, with the spirit of Living the Gospel in the hearts of the nation. Not only for fellow Catholics, the Christmas season is also a common joy for millions of patriotic Vietnamese people before the new Spring. ReadCounter: 2,236 MapPosition: 14.346216,108.001581

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