8 Gia Lai specialties that everyone who travels far remembers

Gia Lai people who travel far away always remember the rich bowl of dried pho, the stick of bamboo-tube rice eaten with grilled chicken, or the bowl of salt with yellow ants.


8 Gia Lai specialties that everyone who travels far remembers

Dry pho

It can be said that dry pho is the most famous Gia Lai specialty. The dish that tourists hear about the most when arriving in the mountain town is dry pho. The reputation even spread to surrounding provinces such as Dak Lak, Kon Tum… This dish is similar to mixed pho in other provinces but the flavor is richer, causing nostalgia for not only people far from home but also those who are far from home. People from far away enjoy it even once. The dish is served in 2 bowls, a bowl of mixed dry pho and a separate bowl of broth.


Pho has a chewy taste, thin fibers, made from spicy rice flour, blanched in boiling water before eating, but does not become soft or crumbly, but is still chewy and delicious. Pho will be mixed with chicken, minced pork stir-fried with onions, fried onions, herbs… The new bowl of broth is the secret to making the dish famous in all directions. It is simmered from bones, indispensable beef, beef tendon, chicken… You can eat this specialty at many restaurants in Gia Lai without having to bother looking for it.

Yellow ant salt


The name of this Gia Lai specialty dish both stimulates the curiosity of tourists and “threatens” those who are weak-minded. But indeed, weaver ant salt is a dish you must try or buy as a gift if you have the opportunity to come to Gia Lai. This unique type of salt is made from wild weaver ants in Ayun Pa, Krong Pa (Gia Lai). People catch weaver ants, roast them over a fire until rare, then pound them with large grains of salt, very hot chili, a little dried onion and add some forest leaves… Weaver ants salt to dip with grilled meat Is the best. The unique salty taste of ants along with the acid in their stomachs is sour like salt and lemon combined with the spicy, pungent taste of ants and strange leaves to create an unforgettable flavor.

Grilled chicken rice with grilled chicken


Almost every mountainous province has the specialty of bamboo-tube rice, but each region has a different way of preparing it, choosing the flavor and eating it. In Gia Lai, people eat lam rice with grilled chicken, instead of eating it with sesame salt like in the Northwest provinces. The rice used to cook rice is upland rice, large grains, sweet aroma, put into bamboo tubes, young bamboo, the flavor of bamboo will naturally seep into the rice grains. Therefore, just by splitting the tube of bamboo rice in half, you can smell the light scent and sweet taste of the rice. Nothing compares to eating it with a piece of chicken grilled over slightly scorched charcoal.

Leaf salad


Not only Gia Lai, leaf salad is a specialty of the Central Highlands mountains and forests in general. Forest leaves are an endless resource in the vast mountains and forests, so a dish that fully combines the flavors of the leaves will make a strong impression on visitors. Wild leaf hot pot or wild leaf salad is the result of thousands of years of experience of indigenous ethnic people. Each type of leaf is selected very strictly, the most important thing is that they are non-toxic and do not react with each other. When eating, roll the leaves with meat sauce and spring rolls. The unique taste of the leaves mixed with the meat will make eaters enjoy.

Rotten crab fish noodle soup


This continues to be a new dish that is hard to accept when you hear the name, but once you love it, it’s hard to stop in Gia Lai. For those who are not familiar, just passing by the shop can smell the rich smell of field crabs, left overnight to ferment. Because of this strange scent, the dish is much more picky than other types of crab vermicelli in Vietnam. The dish is a mix of crab paste, pork belly, bamboo shoots, spring rolls, spring rolls, crispy fried pork skin, shrimp crackers, raw vegetables… Forget the unpleasant smell at first, diners will feel the salty, spicy taste. , strange noodles and strange broth.

Forest honey


In Gia Lai, with a large area of ​​growing wild sunflowers and coffee, it promotes beekeeping for honey among ethnic minorities. Gia Lai honey is considered a valuable medicine in Oriental medicine, with many nourishing and warming effects on the body. Honey is golden yellow, thick, transparent, and sticky. However, you need to buy from reputable establishments to avoid buying products mixed with sugar water.

Sour bamboo shoots


There are so many forests that bamboo shoots are also a famous specialty of the mountain town of Gia Lai. In the rainy season, it grows wild and fresh. They are picked, slit and soaked with chili and garlic, adding salt and sugar for flavor. Sour bamboo shoots are also excellent when eaten with meals or with noodles, pho, and vermicelli. The natural sourness of bamboo shoots, the spiciness of chili peppers, and the strong aroma of garlic stimulate both other tastes and the sense of smell.

Cows in the sun


Buffalo and beef meat in mountainous areas always has a richer flavor than other places. Cows in Gia Lai are raised freely so the meat is especially chewy and sweet and fragrant. Sun-dried cows as well as other highland products are often concentrated in the mountain town of Krong Pa, an open mountainous district of Gia Lai province next to the Son Hoa plateau, Phu Yen province. Instead of drying it completely, the beef is only exposed to the sun for just enough dryness. When eating, it must be grilled again on charcoal. If you buy it home, you can grill it again in the microwave. Sun-dried beef has a richer flavor without being dry, eating it with herbs, dipping it in soy sauce and sipping a jar of mountain wine on a cold, rainy day is truly enjoyable.